Survey: Nearly 60 percent of Seattle residents plan on social distancing for over a year


A recent survey of local residents indicates two thirds are willing to follow social distancing rules for quote as long as required a closer look at those numbers from Cuomo's Brian Calvert residents of Seattle were asked several questions by a Brooklyn based public sentiment polling firm the idea is to help government communicate better with its citizens when asked about lifestyle changes we plan to make over the next year a third of those surveyed said they plan to continue to work from home and we're not sure how many of these people already had telecommuting as an option but if a third of those who were formerly on the freeway stay home traffic as we know it would certainly be lighter other changes over the next year sixty five percent say they will continue to wear masks and gloves and seventy six percent say that will definitely be washing their hands a lot more and then comes the real eye opener and perhaps something that may concern everyone from nonprofit fundraisers to mental health advocates fifty seven percent of those Seattleites surveyed said for the next year or more they will avoid social gatherings Brian Calvert

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