Who’s showing up for school during the pandemic? In Philadelphia, it’s just over half of students.


Since teachers started taking online attendance last Monday the Philadelphia school district has just over half of its students are logging in here's could abuse Mike denardo fifty seven percent of students have logged into online classes according to preliminary figures presented to the school board forty eight percent of elementary school students and seventy three eight percent of middle and high school students have been present for class but the district chief of staff Naomi why it told the board the numbers don't fully represent who's present for class because there are other ways to take attendance including by text phone call sending pictures of work we're entering the Google classroom the district has loaned out eighty four thousand Chromebooks to about two thirds of its student body as for the quality of work being done superintendent William Hite told reporters earlier in the day that academically students will not be where they should and the goal now is simply to limit regression we do plan to do some sort of assessment for every child not a not a test with an assessment to see where those children skills are he says extra supports will be needed whenever kids return to school

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