Cuomo rides subway on first day of New York City reopening

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Governor Andrew Cuomo kicking off the phase one reopening today with a subway ride. The MTA resumed regular services, hundreds of thousands or expected to return to work this week we caught up with one New Yorker who just started riding the subway again for the first time in four months. It was not like anything. I've ever experienced York City. I did not see a single person in the station I did not see a single person in the car I was in I looked. Throw it away to the other cars at the at the end of the neighbouring card. There was one person sitting there. No one else the seats they would just look like these ceramic plates that almost e from there I'd like Perfect Shiny Reflections and actually inspired me to think an instagram. Picture of people said like. Wow, it is from a cleaning at felt surreal. There was no reason not to feel unsafe anyway. At least now until more people figure out they can actually take the subway. Joining us now. Is Jackie Cohen Campaign? Director with straphangers in New York organization that pushes for safer and better subways and buses in New York City Jackie welcome tonight. Nice to speak with you. Nice. Scott thanks for having me. You GotTa start somewhere. How do you think it went today? So far so good I mean we've heard the reports writers who had keep the system you know. The subway has been shut down completely and I think that's important to remember that. The subway was working all throughout this pandemic, especially for essential workers to get some work each day but today's a big day, and you know what we've seen so far is an uptick and ridership. ridership is still way below what it was. was, higher to the pandemic. I think overall on subways buses combined. We saw eight billion. Sorry, eight million people using subways and buses each day prior to the pandemics, so we saw a ninety percent drop off in those ridership numbers throughout I. Think by April but you know we're starting to make our way back and it's great to see how long until you get back to some semblance of what feels like normal. Feels like normal I think that's hard to say. I don't know that we ever really go back to to normal right I. Think Normal for many New York for most New Yorkers especially. During rush hour, commuting time felt like being wedged into a subway car like sardine, so I don't know that going back to that is is the right way to go right? I think that there will be a return to transit, but I think we're going to need to see is. More frequent service to be able to reduce that kind of overcrowding in the years to come. The head of the MTA has been on this network. Suggesting that the New York City transit system is still the safest way to get to work. You think New Yorkers believed that. Do I think so and you know you have to. You have to ask people you know. You put ten New Yorkers in her room. You got a million answers. But I think that that's true. You know I think it's safer than traveling in a car you're you know as long as socially distant but I think that is the challenge trade. How do we make sure that New Yorkers while they're writing transit on subways and buses can maintain. That's all social distance You know to be able to travel safely.

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