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Tiger Woods back in Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes


Came out with their annual listing of athletes who have earned the most money for golfers cracked the top one hundred three in the top twenty five Tiger Woods is number eight on the list he made sixty two point three million dollars last year sixty million of that coming from endorsements and it's the article said that since nineteen ninety six when tiger turned pro he has earned one point five billion dollars from endorsements appearances and course design fees Rory McElroy was fourteenth analysts netting fifty two million last year thirty million from endorsements and don't forget you know anyone the tour championship and the FedExCup he won fifteen million right there Phil Mickelson was twenty five on the Forbes list of top earners as far as athletes go medicine earned eight hundred thousand from playing last year but pulled in forty mil from endorsements and overall Mickelson has made seven hundred and fifty million from endorsements through the years incredible Jordan Spieth's he's on the list at number fifty two despite the fact that he had a poor season last year twenty six million out of twenty seven point six million last year for speed came from endorsements his under armour deals huge and he was at the very top of the list none other than Roger Federer he made a hundred and six point three mil last year with a hundred million of that coming from tournaments

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