Fired Captain Brett Crozier of USS Theodore Roosevelt will not be reinstated - CBS News


The captain of the Senegal based USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier will not be reinstated chief of naval operations admiral Michael gill day announced after a thorough investigation the navy will not reinstate captain Brett crozier as commanding officer of the USS teddy Roosevelt aircraft carrier in the wake of a covert outbreak on the ship and a leaked email in which crozier suggested the navy was not moving fast enough to save sailors lives let me be very clear we expect you to fire red Flaherty chain of command when necessary we also expect you to be men and women a decisive action one sailor chief petty officer Robert Thacker died from Copa nineteen after being exposed on the ship as Jennifer Griffin at the Pentagon an online petition has been created to remove a Confederate memorial from mount hope cemetery the change dot org petition asked San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer to remove the statue that was put up on a plot of land owned by the daughters of the confederacy in nineteen forty eight the petition currently has more than a thousand signatures both union and Confederate soldiers are buried in the

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