Seattle COVID-19 Cases Surge


An uptick in the number of covert nineteen cases in king county has raised some concern for health officials as the county moves into phase two commas Ryan Harris has the update in the past week king king county county health health officer officer Dr Dr Jeff Jeff Duchin Duchin says says they've they've seen seen one one hundred hundred thirteen thirteen more more cases cases than than they they saw saw the the previous previous week week up up forty forty seven seven percent percent increase increase diligence diligence is is there there mostly mostly seeing seeing it it in in younger younger people people in in Seattle Seattle residents residents and and that that there's there's not not a a corresponding corresponding increase increase in in hospitalizations hospitalizations and and deaths deaths so so they they hope hope it's it's just just a a blip blip Duchin Duchin says says they they haven't haven't seen seen substantial substantial cases cases coming out of recent protests but he admits that also depends on the number of protesters getting tested and treated there may be that are undetected that undeniable the transformation that will actually including locally we detect you know ten to fifteen percent of the patients that are actually occurring you should also says we're dependent on each other my mass protect you your mask protects your neighbor their social distancing protect others and so on so he says we just have to keep it up the move forward

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