Guardians of the Galaxy | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch


Now I'm standing happy. We're all standing up now. But should jackasses standing in a circle? The world outside the window of your spaceship is not great right now, but here on the spaceship known as poster recaps. Everything is super. It's your one stop shop for all things super heroic, currently the marvel cinematic universe, and we are talking about guardians of the galaxy. Today we are taken to the stars. I'm Josh Winkler, and I am joined here by my fellow A. Feel like that seems a little harsh, but you are. You are my one of my favorite holes. The Great, the tremendous, the glorious. Kevin, Ma her Deo I may be an a hole. Josh but I'm not a total Dick, and yeah, very important distinction. Super Important Distinction Kevin. How you doing how you doing? I mean I'm happy to be talking to you about. Right. This spaceship that's a whole other situation but sure. Here in here in the ship, it's cozy ship. It's great I'm excited for this because. Anyone who follows? On twitter there is some interesting data happening. Meta drama. Drama surrounding. Surrounding Guardians of the galaxy so all right well. Let's just get into that so okay, so here's what we've been doing here on the podcast. In case you're a latecomer, but just a reset the stakes for everybody who has been listening anyway. We obviously we're. We're going through the whole MCA. You, we're going in the order of release. We are closing in on the end. End of phase two at this point and Kevin and I have finally reached guardians of the galaxy last week. We talked about Captain America the winter soldier, which is one of the most beloved movies in the entire M. You. It's currently ranking as the second best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind the avengers. Guardians of the galaxy is a threat to that position. and. We got an email this week from the Great Brennan Fitzpatrick Kevin. Brendan who collates a lot of the data behind the scenes to make everything super possible, and he was tallying the rankings from from the listeners of this podcast, because everybody's encouraged to submit your scores Super. Poe, show recaps. Dot Com, give us a score from zero to six year infinity stone rankings of each and every movie. Any census the data and you had already Kevin fulfilled your score. You'd already put that into listener. Average was there as well, and the onus was now on Mita essentially break a tie between Captain America. Winter, soldier and Guardians of the galaxy, and this falling onto the shoulders of somebody who has been saying as my hot take of the MC you is that maybe I think like the Guardians of the galaxy are like slightly overrated. Maybe I think the throw. Obviously, there are great. Obviously everybody is is awesome. Obviously, he's movies are Super Super Fund but maybe for me for my taste, maybe just a tad bit over eight, or at least I like the avengers more. Would hold hold to that I like the adventures more I mean I can hold. It can hold I like the avengers more than the Guardians as a team in a group, but this isn't about the team is about the movie and sure we can get into it as we go here, but I sure. I I finish the movie, and originally had where I was like okay I would rate this the same as winter soldiers enjoyment for me, but then I sat there, and thought about this movie more and thought about what this movie did. And represented, and I had to give it a higher score. I had heard. Her and I think ultimately that's GonNa fall too I think for this rating. My favorite bit, you skipped over. Is that you you try to conduct a poll? Winner. Correct. He fifty last Iraq correct so. Feeling a lot of pressure and being an anxiety brain as I am. Like all right can, can the can the universe give me a sign? What's the better movie Captain America the winter? Soldier regarded to the galaxy because after finishing guardians of the galaxy. My renewed take was like I really don't know which is the better movie captain, America the Winter Soldier or Guardians of the galaxy. So let's just see if I can get some extra data to help. Determine the point, and ultimately I think that guardians of the galaxy one out in this twitter. But but barely like very very barely, and for a long time it was a fifty fifty split, and then I bet gop twitter. Found the poll and stuffed the ballot.

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