Noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall, NASCAR says

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Now? Mike Greenberg Bristol with you this morning. And as I said right off the top of the show, I would have loved to have started with any of those today, and we certainly will get to the mall, but we begin with an absolutely despicable story coming from the world of NASCAR. In this developing story, a noose was found in bubba Wallace's. Stall at the NASCAR race in Talladega Alabama yesterday less than two weeks after Wallace led efforts to push NASCAR to ban the confederate flag NASCAR announced the news last night well after the race had been postponed due to inclement weather, and said it was launching an immediate investigation here. was there statement late this afternoon? Nascar was made aware that a noose was found in the garage stall of the forty three eighteen. We are angry and outraged, and cannot state strongly enough. How seriously we take this heinous act! We have launched an immediate investigation and we'll do everything we can to identify the persons responsible and eliminate them from the sport. As we have stated unequivocally, there is no place for racism and NASCAR, and this act only strengthens our resolve to make the sport open and welcoming to all while himself tweeted a statement last night, which read in. In part today's despicable act of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly saddened, and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism. As my mother told me today, they are just trying to scare you. This will not break me. I will not give enor- rely back down. I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe. In Allah Marty Smith is covering this for us in the scene in Talladega. He joined us an hour ago. The News in Bubbas garage stall was actually seen by a member of his team. Darrell Bubba never saw it. He never saw it personally and win. That team members saw it. He alerted NASCAR. And Nascar immediately had a meeting of its senior executive staff, and they made the decision that they were going to remove this person from the sport as quickly and rapidly as possible. This was not a situation where a fan might have meandered in on this because there were no fans in the garage. So what you're looking at is you're looking at team members. You're looking at officials. You're looking at potential security. You're looking at maybe cleaning personnel that have access to these garage areas. Again! That was Marty Smith with US earlier. Lebron James among many who posted messages about this. He tweeted sickening Wallace, my brother! No, you don't stand alone I'm right here with you as well as every other athlete, I just want to continue to say how proud I am of you for continuing to take a stand for change here in America and sports at Nascar. I salute you as well. Well Sprint Cup driver Michael McDowell added. God help us the level of evil. It takes to do something like this is disgusting. This is enraging and heartbreaking all at the same time Dale. EARNHARDT Jr. tweeted simply a hope of a wins it tomorrow again. The race will be run today. It was delayed by weather yesterday, and as I bring Steven A. and Marcus into the conversation here I'll. Repeat that the area in which this was discovered, there were cameras all over it should be. Relatively easy investigation for the NASCAR officials to conduct, and we are standing by for any information live from Talladega Marty Smith will bring us anything as soon as there is any further news with that thought in mind, Stephen. We've not yet had a chance to say good morning to you I. I just want to give you the floor here. What are your feelings and thoughts as we see this story developed from last night? Well I. Mean I think that for me? Personally I'm a little bit different than the kind of sentiments that have been expressed by a lot of people, because obviously you find this reprehensible and disgusting, and it's incredibly sad, and we get all of that but there's a forgive the the figurative smirk that might end up covering my face or draping my face because to me. Me It's just folks displaying the ignorance, and the more they put it on display, the more it enlightens a lot of people in White. America about what Black America has been telling them about for so many years decades spanning centuries for crying out loud. This is not new. This is something that we've known existed for all time. This is something we know we'll continue to exist. And there is no way around it and so this there comes a point in time where you have to accept that reality one of the things that I would encourage everybody to go watch. If you get an opportunity, you can go on Netflix. You can watch that documentary thirteen by EVA do vernay along with others, sensational job of address mass incarceration in the United States, of America one of the things they highlighted. Is that under the Nixon? Administration where you're literally talking about you know White folks that are hippies and you associate them with marijuana and you associate black. Black folks with crack cocaine, and as a result of that will ultimately galvanize folks in your favor, because they'd be scared to death, and you'd be hearing words like law and order ad, nauseam that was in the sixties for crying out loud in two thousand and twenty, and we're hearing the same thing now. You just have to open your eyes. You have to pay attention to the parallels you have to. You have to pay attention to the correspondence. That's taking place right before your very eyes throughout history, we have had people that have been adroit at light laying low. Controlling the narrative, manipulating the narrative switching things to their favor, all in an effort to maintain or to retain power. It's something to kind of thing that has been taking place in. Usually they've been incredibly skilled at remaining in the dark and saying it's then it's not us, it's them. It's not us well guess what are coming to light more and more in this day and age I find that a cause for celebration, not a 'cause. You know to be saddened by anything. The I find these to be. Beautiful tops as difficult as it may be the fact that I nation appears to be becoming more enlightened than ever before and ultimately as a result. We're coming together. I find that to be a huge plus not a minus. If the ignorance has to show itself, and if the ignore, it has to showcase themselves in order for this to happen coming out of the dock to me. That's of course was celebration Marcus. Stephen. That's what I alluded to earlier man just come on out. Show us who you are, so we know how to deal with you and everybody. That's four. Right knows how to deal with you. Look listen, this is. There has been. We've been having this conversation for a long time. I mean we had this conversation we had. This conversation went capped kneeled about police brutality. We talked about racing all of them and man you. You look if you look around and social. There were people literally Oh twitter last night. Say A BUBBLE! Did this for attention? What what are you talking about like? It's not. It's not unfathomable that someone could do that. We sold Jesse's me. Make reference to that because people can conjure up things to create narratives to make people overreact. That's why saying earlier. Estimate I'm not doing this emotional. Rollercoaster I'm getting off of it right like I'm nuts and bolts to was going on. There is progress that needs to be made in this country I'm focusing on that progress that needs to be made. That's what bubble wireless is focused in on a by making his statements in Nascar. That's a lot of athletes are focused on a lot of people in society in general of focused on making sure that we draw a line between racist people and people that one good for everybody. That's the bottom line. Look for as much as this is egregious and the things that have transpired for low type. I grew up in the south light. It's not. An uncommon for me to see racist people are know what it looks like or even even be surprised or shocked about certain things that tend to happen. The bottom line is this. I'm often emotional roller coaster like if you racist just be that come out publicly and be that enlist separate that and you be a part of the minority port society that we want to get to, and we think we already are at so all of that being said I'm with Steve Day like in this bringing a lot of people to the light, and the hateful ones are fighting their battle because they see slipping away. Score you're not GonNa hear me say this very very often, but I wanNA give major major kudos to a Lotta. White folks out there in America because if it wasn't for them, protesting and marching with black individuals if it wasn't for them, you know engaging in the kind of of of you know resistance to whatever level of oppression we as black people have been feeling this nation I. Don't think some of these folks will. will be coming out I. mean listen the back. In the day. They used to wear the sheets and used to cover the identity and their faces that we didn't know who the hell they were by virtue of that now. Some black people, a lot of black people will tell you they exist in corporate America. They could be the very people that you're working for the very people that you're talking to I happen to be. Be Blessed we happen to be blessed to not certainly not have that at this company is because we've seen the actions on the part of our executives. And what have you over continuous basis? Elevated level of sensitivity that this place has shown throughout the years deserves to be commended. There's always work to do. There is no perfect place. Make no about it, but I'm incredibly proud to be a part of the Walt Disney and And specifically the ESPN family in that regard having set all of that I'm in the minority, because the reality is vast people, there's a vast number of people of African. American descent in the United States of America that feel subjugated I wouldn't go so far as to say enslaved, but feel subjugated by bosses in corporate America people that say all the right things when the cameras are rolling, but behind the scenes they engage. Eight your and the conduct. Subjugation that they devote their voiceless. They don't have a voice in that regard, green. Marcus knows exactly what I'm talking about. And so because of that because of these times that we're living, what we're seeing is a populous within the United States of America that sees the dramatic shift, and there's so appalled, and and put and taken aback by what they see transpiring that they can't hide their vitriol. They're coming out of the dock because they're being forced out of the dog. We as black people. People have to appreciate the fact that couldn't happen without a vast number of white individuals in our society standing with us and saying you know what we see where the hell you coming from. If we didn't see it before we see it now, and we're with you, so you have that other segment of the population saying wait a minute we lose some of our own here. Some of our own alternative guests and the poor in this noxious. We gotTA speak up and as a result. Of the dock again I find that a cause for celebration doesn't bother me at all. If we wore, we wore. Let's get it on. I liked that. I want to leave it there for the moment again. Marty Smith is standing by Talladega. If there is any further information on the investigation, we will have it for you immediately, meanwhile, Steven as going to stay with us here for a few more minutes, and we'll get some football conversation as we go his feelings about the Dallas, cowboys have been well documented. This should be a very big day in Dallas. We will talk about it and why and then Lebron and other NBA players have until Wednesday to decide whether or not they're going to play. What should we expect? Woge will answer that question as we continue this out. GET THEM ON ESPN. GEICO. GETS YOU ACCESS TO LICENSED AGENTS? Twenty four

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