John Bolton his former national security adviser

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When tells me will have a copy you can bet your life also gonna read cover to cover but do you understand this is a president who's even trying to stifle John Bolton his former national security adviser and there was another better breaking news governor around the status of Florida finally acknowledged today that the rising number of new covert nineteen cases in Florida listen carefully can not be explained away by increasing testing that's right the president stuff about all it's all because of testing I understand as a Republican a trump loyalist said rubbish and governor to set us plan to step up enforcement of social distancing in bars and nightclubs Gee I wonder when the president delivers his acceptance speech in Florida whether the Santos will insist on social distancing and this is what he said even with testing increases or being flat the number of people testing positive is accelerating faster than that you know that that's evidence but there there's transmission within these communities the Florida department of health reported more than four thousand new covered nineteen diagnoses on Friday alone latest peak in positive Florida cases the began

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