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The good news is well. Not a great deal on good news, a not not a great deals actually occurred across the markets of light. Today. We've actually got a little bit of take in what's going on with Bitcoin and the rest of the market. We'll talk you through a couple of things. I'm saying right now. There's not a great deal within that. Top Ten buffet looking at Bitcoin now look the whole week last week. As today is Monday. Obviously, the entire wake ended up closing down half of one percent. Now that's not much. Not much at all and the entire range, and he he's what's interesting. The fact that it close down half a percent. Look that he's a little bit interesting on expose, but it's more about the entire range of that candle that the range of that entire candle. Let me tell you what that is. It is from it's hard to. It's low, roughly calculated their. Seven point three six percent. Very little indeed now. You think that's still sounds like a lot and I. I suppose the IT sounds like a lot, but you know you go back to the wake. Starting was early June first of. That was a twelve percent week. Yeah, we'll look at last week. Even last week was a little bit big. Not a great deal bigger eleven percent there as well. You can't okay going. Back to the end of my, we had thirteen percent week and we've the wakes that we see. Also of between usually ten and twenty percent realistically, that's what we that's what we see. The vilatility has dried up for the Hong Bang on Bitcoin. Now yesterday we closed down point seven five a percent today without point nine does not a great deal going on he in this market for the time they were one thousand, three hundred and. Seventy took a kite. So north thousand three, hundred, seventy two. Bitcoin right now now the positive is is holding its ground. It's holding above nine thousand, having too many issues holding of thousand and it's grinding. You know it's just hanging in there. That's a positive thing it. It doesn't site too much full whether we can your high or law at this stage the weekly. Look it's back in. That cradles I. Know It's looking a definitely. Definitely more bullish and bearish on the weekly timeframe, and I'm looking at as I speak to you, but it's a little bit more convincing for me to to really say this market take often do well a theorems that are pretty good diet cost talk tense up the most two point, five percent up two hundred, thirty three dollars, or seventeen sense now theory and loss. Really Nice quickly Cana. By the way, it's a really really really really trendy so theory and looked a lot stronger to me than what Bitcoin does for. The Time Bang lost weight down one point six seven percent not huge cannon NAS pullback. Cradles looking very very good. It's a two thirty three is up two point five six percent eighteen point seven percent off point, one of the percent rotten lost weight once guy. It was down down two point. Two five percent excel pays actually looking bearish It's looking bearish to me. It has been for quite some taller rolling over at the moment on that weekly timeframe, but again we need to say when eighty see above twenty cents again to get that momentum. Moving would be a really really powerful thing, not much going on for up. Hey, right now, bitcoin cash to sent up right now at two thirty seven fives, interesting bitcoin cash Theory by very similarly similarly similar I can't talk. Signed Price. It's up Senate to thirty, four, seventy five lost weight, just talk to the weekly a dying. We would down three percent on the best up one point three four percents tonight, one, seventy, two, seventy, five, a bright down through some support loss weight loss weeks down full point ignored percent. It's holding below that that level that one seven six a couple of support resistance levels around here. Look don't really shot that I'm looking for opportunities on right now. Because I just don't see the trend banks strong enough the daily nineties down, but it's not strong, still very solid, wise lot, coin, solid, wise one point to set up at forty three dollars and fifty cents. Does that represent good value Guy Looking very similar to that of exile they were. We don't have that strong trend like we do with say ethereal on the fifty three cents up exactly one percent and loss week it was down, but only down to him again, just grinding at going their bonnets very slow wake as well it was down three point six two percent, the sixteen dollars and sixteen cents up one point three percent when I say how. The since the purchase of see 'EM, say bond hasn't really done a great deal. Positive for itself as far as price goes The market doesn't seem to be doing much on bonaventure at the moment Kadhafi up two percent right now still in that strong uptrend. The weekly yet it closed up up two point two percent weekly Chat, looking very very strong dial job still hanging in that not much going on at seven point, nine cents does up two percent, a theory classic, very very slow wake a guide as I'm sure you probably will away down one point six percent sitting at six dollars twenty four. Point seven percent today again. It's a very very slow shot tron. One point five nine cents last week. It deploys down Anita. Percent Died. My view right now, is it? A theory is the best looking shot out of our top ten right now. That weekly chart is really really daily I WANNA. See it captures some mole momentum. WanNa see the high timeframe start start the mid timeframe trend a little bit better. We've got high alone a high a high now on a theory. If you WANNA have look five shot at there at the moment, we'll tell you what it is. It's It's lot co also blocking. It's China link. Child Link Perpetual, so that's a futures contract. They're gonNA have a look at that on earth ticks shot beautiful, little breakout this morning waiting for pull bikes that really nice looking trend there on that four hour the dailies now going to self in an option, and it looks really really good for move. If I look at the weekly as well it's was bullish Cadillac six percent last week. Bullish candle in the criminals are in broken hot today, a runic look set for a very strong mode, so my view. Ma Positioning right now to be watching link very very closely

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