Apple WWDC Announcements #1455 - burst 5


Some rumors out there apple to launch air pods, three and first half twenty, twenty, one with similar designed to the air pods pro, so that's a rumour out there in this guy's been pretty good on his rumors getting stuff, right? Apple maps have added ev focused features and cycling directions. The I fourteen they will even alert you to restricted congestion areas now. With ways. So Google had this for a while. So now all of these mapping systems will tell you the quickest way to go if you have multiple routes to be able to go to your next destination. The. APP, they will also be more helpful to non-americans with more detail maps, coming to Canada Ireland in the UK and these features won't necessarily get you to Dutch rival software like Google maps. or to ditch Dutch ditch rival software like Google maps, but they do reduce need to turn to third party APPS. So I I do like Google. Maps probably the best for for navigation I. do still like ways, the best for traffic congestion and alternate routes. And of course, apple's releases first developer Betas Iowa's fourteen Mac Os, eleven, watchos, seven and TV os fourteen, so these were all dropped and. So, those are all available, if you're planning saw bad off our beef or warned, and of course, let me know how it goes. By sending me comments to hear Geek News at Jim Am finally the point where neither my macbook or my AMAC will update to the latest operating system. He that of sucks when that happens, but you know what Jim. It's optin better as well. If you knew you could stop at a certain point I noticed that they just kinda get slower, so it's almost better to say. Couple of revisions behind, but. Then you know be can't be the cool kid anymore, but I think you were telling us the date of your machines before, and they are definitely. You've got some use out of them, so that's always. Rewarding when you can. Get a big part of than investment back. The thing is coming to home pot is they're going to add support for third party? Streaming music services like spotify. So That's pretty big. Presumably this required APPs update to integrate with the new Pi or framework that allows for the services. Run on the home pod. And this means that the about can now be controlled by spotify. spotify has yet to commit a release timeframe. And the debts of bowed inker I've ever bought from apple is at home pot. It is whacked. It starts playing if I'm sitting in the office and I have my iphone next to me and I go. Hey, s, I the home pod will wake up, but my phone won't. It's the stupidest thing ever. He got so annoying to me

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