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What's A 'Challenge' & Should You Do One? | Ep. #1390


Up your marketing knowledge with your instructors. Neil Patel and Eric Su. Hey Margie school listeners. I have an interesting stat for you. Did you know that Walmart improved their conversion rate by two percent for every second that the improve their low time in other words website speed helps with conversions? In addition to that Google uses it to determine where your site ranks in their index. The faster website loads the higher. You'll rink for that reason. I want to talk to you today. About a company called Dream House Dream Hose powers the web with fast websites and superior customer service brought to you by team of web experts or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to eight other episode of marketing. School I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about. What a challenge is. I'm air quoting. What a challenges. And if you should do one so neil. Have you ever been through challenge before? I don't know what you're talking about when you say challenged but like I've done marketing challenges. Where up to a blog post saying? I'm going to create a website and I'm going to get it to this much revenue this amount of time. And that's quite well for me cool I'll clarify and then we can talk about Neal's challenges well so the Russell Brunson's of the world a lot of people right now especially the Info. Marketers are doing these challenges. And here's what challenges if you go to one funnel away dot Com Russell. Brunson got this one way challenge. Basically it's thirty days on how you can build a marketing funnel and every day. He's giving you a new lesson right so every day. There's a new video that you follow us. Keep going through under homework every day. So there's accountability that goes with it and then you're you're looking forward to the next video right. It seems like a lot of work and I think it is but two weeks ago Neil or weaken half ago. I registered for Roland. Frazier's challenge out his about how to how to by different businesses right and it was so cheap as fifty five dollars. I'm like I'm in so what happened was I I must. I'M NOT GONNA watch this watch every single video so I came in. Each video was to our to our life for each one. It was six days of lives at it. Got Me so engaged till the end that I find the upsell was like I automatically just took out my credit card and I did it because it was that easy because the relationship the value that was given to me was so great already and then the was such a no brainer. The offer was so good. The challenge was setup was good you had moderators and there's daily content. There's like homework as well. The Accountability the daily Pace. And the fact that I paid fifty five dollars and became a customer and then I became I was up sold that proved to me. That challenges work well a lot of marketers talk about time. Neil I don't think you've done before I don't think I've done but I certainly am looking at potentially doing one in the future because of how effective it was the only thing I've done and called it. A challenge was one hundred K. Challenge anyone can start a business that generates one hundred. Cain revenue less than twelve months. And what I ended up doing was I said I'll start a business. Let the audience pick. It was on nutrition and I went through the whole Process Senate. Blog about each and every single month broke down. Exactly what was done in how people can replicate and do on their own as well. Yeah and by the way. I'm actually happy Roland Frazier onto leveling up podcast tomorrow. We're going live like this so if you guys want to learn about that. I'm going to ask him about it as well but I would recommend good one funnel away dot com or one challenge dot com. Look at how it's set up and just understand that if you're trying to sell probably like information or or educational type of stuff that if you're able to indoctrinate people and take them through a sequence where you build a relationship with them give them so much valued at and then give them offer that such a no brainer. I think just doing challenges every now and then like all these other guys do it just makes a ton of sense so go check that out. Go funnel him. That is for today marking school. I O slash school to get on the waiting list for the education program that Neil Nyerere putting together and we will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School..

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