Even If Cases Start Decreasing, Experts Say Second Wave Of COVID-19 Is Possible In Houston, Dallas


Experts warned experts. Warn of a second wave in the South Corolla virus hotspots erupt Dallas Houston southeast Florida's Gold Coast the entire state of Alabama and several other places in the south that have been rapidly reopening. Their economies are in danger of a second wave of corona virus infections over the next four weeks. According to a research team that uses cell phone data detract social mobility and forecast the trajectory of the pandemic the model developed by policy lab at Children's Hospital Philadelphia updated Wednesday with new data suggests that most communities in the United States should be able to avoid a second spike in the near term if residents are careful to maintain social distancing even as businesses open up restrictions res but the risk for resurgence is high in some parts of the country especially in places where cases are already rising fast including Crawford Iowa Colefax Nebraska Texas Oklahoma. Texas Oklahoma's actually a city in Oklahoma and the city of Richmond. Since May Third Crawford County's caseload has risen seven fifty percent and Colfax county has increased thousand three hundred ninety percent according to stay data compiled by the Washington Post. That's Iowa and Nebraska.

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