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Pensacola base shooter coordinated with al Qaeda


I'm Anthony Davis the gunman who killed three. Us sailors at a military base in in Florida. Last year repeatedly communicated with Al Qaeda operatives about planning in the months leading up to the attack. Us officials said yesterday as they lashed out at apple for failing to help them open. The shooter phones so they could access key. Evidence law enforcement officials discovered contacts between Muhammad Side al-Shamrani and operatives of Al Qaida off the FBI. Technician succeeded on their own in breaking into two cell phones. That had previously been locked that the shooter a Saudi Air Force officer tried to destroy before he was killed by law enforcement. We now have a clearer understanding of al-Shamrani associations and activities in the years months and days leading up to this attack attorney. General William Bar said at a news conference the new details including that Al Sham. Ronnie had been radicalized abroad before he arrived in the. Us raised fresh questions about the vetting of Saudi military members. And trainees who spend time at American basis. The criticism directed at apple could also escalate divisions between the US government and the massive Technology Company. Which has rejected the characterization that it has been unhelpful. The company said that it does not store customers pass codes nor does it have the capability to unlock passcode protected. Devices and believes that weakening encryption could create vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. Al-shamrani was killed by a sheriff's deputy during the December six rampage at a classroom building at Pensacola Naval Air Station. He'd been undergoing flight training at Pensacola as part of an instruction offered at American military bases to foreign nationals. Besides the three sailors who died eight other people were injured once unlocked by the FBI? Us officials said the phones revealed contact between Al Sham. Ronnie and dangerous operatives from Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula or a Qa p. including the night before the attack. They also revealed that he had been

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