E-Bike Sales Speed Up, Due to COVID Concerns


On this Tuesday may nineteenth. If you've ever tested an electric bicycle you may well fall in love on an e bike you get all the benefits of writing a normal to wheeler exercise fresh air the joy of flying down hills. But you also get an extra power boost and the fun of going faster and maybe farther than your own legs can carry you without creating any extra noise or exhaust until recently though e bikes were mostly novelties. Pricey products only tiny percentage of people actually bought but interest in. E-bikes has been ramping up of the last couple of years now. The pandemic is kicked sales into high gear. E-bikes flying off retailers shelves in America and abroad. Some e bike manufacturers can't make them fast enough call it a perfect storm a positive one for the bike industry. Many factors have come together to make biking especially biking look attractive for one cities. Reopen government officials are worried about a second wave of covert nineteen infections with social distancing. In mind they don't want people packing up public transit. The alternatives are slim. There's driving your own car. Of course but many big city mayors are taking stands against allowing traffic congestion and carbon emissions to return to pre coveted levels. Not to mention that parking is difficult and expensive in places like New York Paris and Milan but regular bicycles. Don't work well for people with long commutes. Then there's the need for socially distant entertainment with less to do families are turning to the great outdoors but all of this together and you create conditions. That are right. Not JUST FOR REGULAR BICYCLES. But for e-bikes proponents say the numbers seem to bear them out around the world searches for best. Electric bike surged on Google. In late. March the verge. Reports seattle-based Rad Power. Bikes told the verge that it's April sales jumped three hundred percent over the same time last year. Van Move a Dutch maker. Premium e-bikes has also seen eye-popping growth from February to April. The company says it sales almost doubled in France. Hit well over one hundred percent growth in the US and top two hundred percent Germany. Other e bike makers are enjoying similar surges. The verge reports the trend is a particularly big deal in Europe which has been ahead of the. Us and building cyclist friendly infrastructure e sales grew more than twenty percent last year according to the European Cycling Federation. They're expected to grow much faster there this year. The Guardian reports especially because driven by the corona virus urban planners everywhere pushing for more biking infrastructure and bike friendly regulations. Earlier this month. Uk Transport Minister Grant Shop said public transport capacity will be reduced by ninety percent. He unveiled a two billion pound package to persuade people to cycle and walk instead. The government has proposed creating pop bike lanes and cycle and bus only streets according to the Guardian the UK is by no means alone but with Ta New York Paris Milan. Mexico City and many more cities are building miles of bike lanes enclosing streets to cars. New York mayor. Bill de Blasio plans to open up one hundred miles of streets to pedestrians including expanding sidewalks and creating new bike lanes. The city recently legalized e bikes. Which are particularly popular with food. Delivery Workers and Oakland California is closing off seventy five miles of streets to cars venture beat reports but of course the ride to success for the e bike. Business isn't without its bumps. The promise of safer places to ride notwithstanding battery powered bikes are expensive. It hasn't been unusual to spend two thousand three thousand even as much as fifteen thousand dollars on electric bike now. Bike makers are responding to increase demand by making bikes at lower price points. The verge says a goody by cannot be had for a thousand dollars even premium bike makers are getting their prices down somewhat van move for instance recently introduced a new model. The s three for about two thousand dollars. It's comparable to the slightly older as to which list for almost fourteen hundred dollars more. According to Forbes van move is doing so well that adjust raised about thirteen million dollars in funding. The Dutch company says it could soon hit

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