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To the last dance. Looks like you've found the Newsday clip or you send it to me in a text where they have profiled many many long islanders and you are noticeably absent so Peter and Hampton Bays is absolutely right. I am seeing all these names here. I do not see you. I see Al Trout Wig on their. I see Mike and Chris. Of course Mike and the mad dog on there. I see all sorts of names. I am not familiar with on top of names that I am of course. Alec Baldwin is in their D Snyder Eddie money and then the bigger names Billy Joel Billy Crystal Jerry Seinfeld Rosie o'donald but you're not on there. Yeah I didn't find it. Somebody one of my buddies just texted morning so yeah. I don't I don't have an answer for that. I don't worry about stuff like that. So we'll visit jerk. Yes that's probably why right there. Yeah I mean. Wow that's a that's a bad one man. I'm telling you that's a bad. It's an oversight. That is a bad oversight by somebody. Somebody's GONNA pay. Hey a I'm telling you Neil Best and Greg Sarah working against us against me. That's the way I feel. Every time I deal with. Those guys is always something with them. There is always something all right so the last dance is now over the Nineties Bulls documentary which I noticed discussion. We have with Jerry for a couple of weeks. You know. Is it a Jordan. Documentary is a documentary. I mean I think towards the end it skewed more towards a documentary with the focal point being Michael Jordan because he was the driving force behind those championship teams and those nineties Bulls because they didn't touch on the wizards comeback at all in this documentary. Not One bit. Not One mention of it absolutely nothing. So if it's a George documentary that that would have been in there. This was more about why it was called the last dance. It was that final season and then everything leading up to it. So the documentary as a whole was very very good and for all the reasons that we talked about the honesty that we got from Michael Jordan on a lot of these things. I mean seeing how angry he still is at certain situations. Isaiah Thomas being one the Gary Payton stuff. It was showing him. The IPAD in his reactions is just tremendous TV. The last two episodes for me were just okay. It felt like it had out a little bit. There was a lot of highlights that were going on. It wasn't so much like the behind the scenes stuff just a lot of game highlights that I felt like I had seen a million times over interesting stuff that did come out of. It was the story of Steve. Kerr's father that a lot of people are not familiar with having that background and how he shared that with Michael Jordan but they never talked about both having their fathers murdered so that was a very touching and just incredible story if you had not heard it before and also the the ending of all of it were. Michael Jordan was listening to Jerry. Reinsdorf explained why the team had to be broken up at that point and him saying yeah. I would've come back and we would have won a seven if you went to all those other guys and ask for one year deals he goes they all would have said yes. Scotty would have taken some convincing. But there was no way he was not going to be a part of it and we all would come back for another year and then got in the seventh and I just can't accept that it didn't happen that way. I thought that was interesting but overall I mean to me. The documentary was a but the last two episodes. I was left with wanting a little bit more. I didn't shut it off going man. That was great at least after episodes nine and ten. Well you know when you think about nine and ten. Nine and ten are Y. They were doing documentary in the first place. Were they were covering that? Nine hundred eighty nine thousand nine hundred eight season. I just you know my whole thing is the the reason I liked. It is because it showed you what they had to go through to get to where they ultimately got to. They had to get through the Pistons that gets through the Knicks. They had to get through the pacers that to get through the jazz and the Suns Barkley and I liked those stories. I like the fact that it was jumping all over the place. That drove AL crazy but I liked it because it kind of showed you the other superstars in the league and what they were dealing with when they were trying to deal with Michael Jordan on the court every single frigging night and especially the bigger the game the better and then of course he goes on to say that you know the flu game the maybe one of the most of all time. He feels like he got food poisoning. And I'm telling you that same thing happened to me and it happened to me. I believe it was the game that Bo Jackson hurt his hip against us in the playoffs. the night before. I was in some sort of Hayes up all night long throwing up and just just couldn't stop it and there were about six or seven of us that on our team going through the same thing and I I'm telling you it was food poisoning or something that was you know that we had the night before the meal before you know when we got to the hotel and I can understand how Michael would want that to be out there to be more accurate as opposed to being a flu or a I when I hear flu and athletes is a lot of times I hear I think hangover sure flu like symptoms is. The guy was out too late. Yeah this was the other part of this that that was very interesting so yeah and if it was the flu the way that all his teammates were hanging all over him and hugging them. In a way Scottie. Pippen was basically like bringing them back to the bench and all the the Utah Jazz. Everybody would have been sick. Could you really the flu? Nineteen Oh my goodness yeah right I mean everybody would have had it but yeah I mean it makes sense to story makes sense. I wanted I wish they would have would have probably taken a long time and a lot of stories and we're talking about over twenty years ago now But to find out what pizza place that was like they should have gone to find out and investigator. What frigging pizza. Place sent five guys to deliver one pizza to Michael Jordan at the hotel because his body trainer said. Yeah they knew it was for Michael. Five guys showed up with that one pizza then he gets violently ill afterwards. And how do you go investigate that and say that you guys tried to to make Michael Jordan miss an NBA Finals? Game by getting them sick. I mean that's something I wanted to know the truth in all honesty. They made it worse. Yeah they did when you think about now. You know the other thing too that you know that again that comes out of all of this is the whole Jerry. Krause part of it you know and just how when I think back to the beginning and how they portrayed him as a general manager and I have to tell you you know dealing with all of those egos doing with all of that success dealing with all the needling came along with you. Know his height in the fact that he was not athletic. And all this other crap and all the crap that he took. You can't take it away from him the fact that they won six championships you just. You can't ultimately the architect of all of that and yet. He was also probably one of the reasons. Why it was all dismantled. Yea I feel like they changed a couple of things once they heard how this was going over early on so if you remember in the first couple episodes people were shocked that no former presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were referred to as like Barack Obama's referred to his former Chicago resident or whatever and that was just. I don't think they were doing as a slight anybody. They were just saying what those people were they were interviewing at the time like Bill Clinton was like former Arkansas governor. Yes so that's what they were during the time give you a timeframe and they were speaking so people like lost their minds over this and in the rest time the rest of the time you saw Barack Obama on this documentary was former president. Barack Obama so I also think that because of all the krause bashing that was happening in the beginning of this documentary and the fact that he's a man who can no longer defend himself because he passed away a few years ago that they went back and made sure at the end of this thing that they put in some more positive words about Jerry Krause and most notably Scotty pippin because he was the one who could have really and we did see scenes of Scotty. Pippin on the bus bus. Just Berating Phil. Jackson said it. You'll berating Jerry. Krause on that Boston and and Scotty said that he was the best general manager of all time he said. We had the best coach of all time. We had the best player of all time. And Scottie Pippen. His own words said and we had the best general manager of all time. So I think that that's sort of changed the whole feel about how Jerry Krause was portrayed in this thing in this last episode. There was much more positive things said about him I got I got to believe the I don't know I don't know how this thing works out. But it makes me feel like as the things started now. All of a sudden people started reacting to it and pointed out and Scotty at times came off really really childish and I understand why I mean you know. Here's a kid that nobody thought was going. GonNa turn into what he ended up turning into and he ended up signing a bad contract at just a horrific contract and it's his own fault and then all of a sudden out of the blue comes. Toni Kukoc Coach and Toni. Kukoc is going to be the greatest European player ever. And he's GonNa come in and he's going to be the guy that's going to be put in the middle of all this and I do believe in the way things work that Jerry Krause used. Toni Kukoc to motivate the players on the volt. I don't care what you said. I think he probably felt like this getting out of control. There's a lot of things that we didn't see here. A lot of things a lot of things off the court away from all the greatness on the court I think they were most happy when they were playing basketball on the court when they got away from we saw a little bit of it in the training rooms drinking beers and smoking cigars but man when they got away from it they got away from it. I mean there there it was it was craziness away from it. I don't care what anybody says. And he really saw any of that. Well yeah but I mean the what they showed of that was Rodman because he was the easy one right like he's just show Dennis Rodman being crazy and away from the core because everybody already knew that but they really didn't show as much of the other stuff and Dennis. Rodman was hilarious in that they were talking about the final shot the shot to win that series the six championship against the where the iconic you just stand there with the with the pose. Dennis Rodman what did you think when the time was running out and he goes? Goes that that this effort? Pass the ball. Well is his. He's going to miss a practice and go workout with Hulk Hogan right know wall of that. I know it was it was. It was incredible and I had totally forgotten about that and when I saw it. Oh my God that's right But it was just funny the Way Way. Rodman said he goes. He's like he's not passing occurs as the package passing. Anybody is get out of his way and this guy's going to do his thing and of course I mean. How much do you really think after what we now know with Phil Jackson and the Knicks and the disaster that was how much credit do you give to Phil Jackson? Because he's had two of the greatest pairings in the history of the NBA as players to win. Yeah but they also warn winning. I mean this is the defense of Phil Jackson. Those teams Warren winning until he got there there. Were still there. I mean Kobe and Jack were together and not winning Phil came. They won you know Jordan and pippen work together not winning championships though. I understand what it takes over listening to those guys talk I. He had a major impact on them. Like I there's no way that for and the way that Dennis Rodman Phil Jackson a guy who was like anti authority his entire life and how he was able to handle him how he was able to handle Michael Jordan daily..

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