Staying Connected While Apart & Other Good Tips


GONNA talk today about how to stay connected when we can't be together physically. Which is a great topic right now but it's a good topic even past pandemic. Let's hope so. I know from people that have reached out to me. It seems like a lot of their loved. Ones are declining faster because of their routines being up ended and lack of stimulation from different people. Which I think has been a surprise so I don't know if you have any. Any suggestions are thoughts for them but we can talk and then maybe some little pop into your head okay. Alrighty so what kind of ideas do you have for helping people stay connected when we're physically distant? Well I mean first of all The amount of routine that either been kept in place or has gone by the wayside Depend a lot on the environment that they're in I know in home environments. You might think it's to keep people in their regular environment in their regular routine. But not so much. Because we're all Highness swimming in uncharted waters right now. I know Pretty much across the board most of the care communities or following state health department guidelines. And so they are close to visitors. Right now is difficult but what we need to keep in mind is of course. Everybody is their own on their own. Journey would dementia Because some people might both be in the first or second stage of dementia doesn't mean that they have the same functionality in the same capabilities it nobody has the same two fingerprints so nobody experiences Dementia in the same way. So stop and think your loved. One is on their journey If they're just beginning if it's a it is a very early stage and or even a later stage but there are parts of their cognition that They've managed to hang onto factor. You need to factor in where. They are on their personal journey. So having said that I know that A lot of people have been doing the the window visit going up to the window and and doing visits like that Another way that we can stay in touch us to remember. You know that there's five senses and physical touch tactile. Touch is one of the five. So that leaves us eighty percent of our senses to play with So one of the things that Is a a real good way to be in touch and also Provide Comfort I can suggest maybe having a photo pillow or a photo blanket made for them There's the there is the tactile element there if you get a nice soft fluffy fabric can be very comforting Something to have something you know just to wrap themselves up in the one thing that we need to keep in mind if we're doing any sort of a photo project whether it and how boom or A pillow a blanket is that

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