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In these episodes the travel journalists stranded by border closures in a bungalow in rural Thailand and the band expats rescuing hungry dogs affected by in. Nineteen matter. Podcast we'll be keeping you up to date trouble alerts information about coroner buyers answering some uplifting news views to inspire you and keep them smiling high it is common and fill and we'll hear. Olivia story shortly but fill their MORE COUNTRIES ACROSS EUROPE. Easing lock damages. Belgium is to reopen to international tourist spot fifteen to June minority by the time. Listen this but it's good news for us while in. Great Sport is our to reopen to international travelers on July the first at the earliest the US Canada border will luckily remained closed throughout June. For Non Essential Travel and this has been hinted at fool but as vacation season ramp up in the. Us travel industry experts. Say The Americans will flip about flying in favor of road trips. The National Park Service is planning to increase recreational access and services on a park by park basis so stained with them and haven't listened to that we have heard that having waited. People will favor road trips absolutely well. Not much choice really. I love a right trip can we? Can we ask people for their road trip stories? What do you reckon she that I will give you permission fail? You can do what you like. Eighty dollars podcast at will know meds dot com with your favorite road trip story. It'd be really cool to share them. Show nights create a bit of a go to four now. Living is a freelance travel writer. She's infectious journalist. She has a passion for adventure and ECO. Travel which is just as well because when has started to shut down to Judah Coverage. She found herself happily stranded in a bungalow in rural Thailand. Yes so I was actually traveling with my boyfriend. Slash unofficial photographer Jonathan. We put our apartment up for after wrench for the majority of spring. He took a hiatus from works to finish his master's program. I'm a travel writer editor for my work. So we were basically had no plans and we're just kind of bopping around and and seeing where felt right so we were actually in India. We are in Delhi win. I The Danish borders were shutting in mere hours. Of course Jonathan could get back but his girlfriend's in American could not that came right before at the American borders shots and I could get back. Jonathan could not so with with literally five hours at in India to choose. We found a cheap flight from Delhi to Bangkok. And we said you know what will be together. This is. There's Kobe it can't destroy a beautiful weather and Delicious Pad Thai at we will will take easy here and just see what comes next. So that's what originally brought me back to Thailand so you all with Jonathan. It's not some long distance relationship livelihood in other episodes and fortunately he is an officer on a Danish oil-tanker so as soon as the flights to Europe started dwindling down in Thailand. He knew he knew that he had to get home or he risked losing his job so about a month ago he he left me Could've defend myself but obviously we we chat every day. This is the first time in my life where I've really had to make every decision For myself and and really every decision wasn't important. One so he is. He will be there at the end of this. I'm I'm really hoping that at some point in the near or distant future either Denmark opens again the US Open's again. Thailand opens again. But until now we we are very much the long distance relationship with him in the middle of the ocean. What are you doing? You was there. Jonathan's going back to today mark. He's going back to work. Your tribal rod is not a lot of commissioning going on. So what have you been doing? Well I'm the kind of person that always needs to keep myself busy. And just in order to stay sane also because I really do love what I do. So as a travel writer and editor. I've pivoted a lot of my messages to stay home but in the future blank blank would be the optimal you know post pandemic vacation so I helped launch L. A. Style magazines travel sector which has been a lot of learning. Seo on the back end and kind of looking for new talent new writers at the same time I also am the executive producer. A PBS show so public television show that's streaming across all the United States. It's funny I don't even have a TV here in my bungalow. But I'm getting all of these pictures of friends who are saying. Hey live is not your shown that I see when I turn on the television. So yes it is hand. It's been a lot of fun. You kind of show people that the idea of friendship connection when travelling which is what the message of fly brother. The show is about Still remains true even during a global worldwide pandemic so it in fact it's been it's been more meaningful than ever because it just shows us the importance of the people that we meet when we travel not just the place as a little bit of a pivot from my normal everyday because those things are are a little bit in line with you know my career and might suggest. I've met a really wonderful group of experts from all over the world theory We joke that were a bit of United Nations of of Thailand at and we of course in in a socially distant manner have this rocketed to really help the street dogs and the elephants year in in crabby because at the street dogs really rely on the scraps of the hotels and the restaurants tourist just leaving McDonald's hamburger in a garbage near the beach but with legitimately notorious. These dogs are are starving and in Near Jack. So what we do. Is We go on our on our motorbikes early in the mornings I'm we collect food. We have you know a donation site available or use our own funds And then we have about eighty five street dogs in different packs that we ride our bikes to which is a new phenomenon for me. Because I've I've never been exactly the most graceful human being so Doing that on a motorbike is is definitely stepping out of comfort zone. I never had thought really how much a pandemic would affect you know with this chain of events how it would affect the animals and in turn affects the humans because now a lot of times people like culturally are are more frightened of the street dogs but if the dogs aren't having to you know come up in bag and really show their show their strength in order to just survive if they can be fed and we feed them food. We feed them vitamins. We've gotten We've taken some to the vets just to make sure they're all right you know they're manged there for Then everyone kind of lives in harmony so that people generally have been very very open and welcoming to to the group of ex stats riding around in helping the the dogs.

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