Some states see COVID-19 cases surging as restrictions are relaxed


Just as much of this country seeing improving coronavirus number several states are going backward in the fight with markedly high daily case counts or hospitalizations Florida Texas and Arizona all set records for daily new cases this week among twenty one states including Delaware with increasing trends in new cases CBS news correspondent Manuel Marcus Texas all record jump of more than twenty six hundred Florida has reported nearly fifteen thousand new cases over the last ten days but in a Wall Street journal op ed vice president Mike pence called reports of a possible second wave over blown Dr Anthony Fauci says don't call this a second wave we're still not done with the first one some politicians have attributed higher case numbers to better testing recent surges are outpacing the increase in tests that's according to Dr Ezekiel Emanuel the head of the department of medical ethics and health policy at Penn he says you can have a small percentage increase because of testing in terms of number of cases but when you see fifty percent or one hundred fifty percent increase in some cases in the number of cases which is what we're seeing across the south in the Sun Belt that is not testing Emanuel says that's new cases that he says is community

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