#465 - Michael Regilio and Black Lives Matter - burst 20



About the people who you know it just come on. It's just so hard attract. But there is a way to do this. There is I used to just think about how to block it. There is a way and it's investing. In the. poor black communities that do not have the opportunities, so you go to the high crime areas. that. Are Black and sure there may be. There will be white people in those areas who benefit probably. but you targeted area like like the projects in Baltimore where Freddie Gray was killed for example. And you work on reforming that. With education you put money into the education system. You put you you. You build businesses. You give tax breaks to businesses who will start there? you form community watch programs you There are so many things that you can put money into in those areas. To help, give those young men opportunities so that they won't be dealing drugs to make money so that they can go get a job at whole foods or Wendy's or Walmart and when they had, those opportunities have less reason to.

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