Computer Aided Biology Platform Helps Companies Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Biomanufacturing


Marcus co-founded synthase after working as a research associate in synthetic biology at University College London where he developed novel Bio Synthesis Methods using pathway engineering prior to ucla, he was a bio transformation scientists working as part of an industrial biotechnology group that conducted more than ninety contract research projects for over twenty clients. Marcus has a PhD in plant biochemistry from Durham. I'd like to start by asking if you could tell us a bit about the concept of bioprocessing four point zero, and what it means to the industry. By purchasing full. Has Come from a cut derived from the attempts of industry full point. And will that's referring to. Is the Barracks Industrial Revolution which happen which is made human production Gamal as sophisticated, inefficient through the ages first industrial revolution, we just quoting a Siamese what steams to be used as a power source, replacing manual effort, the chemical energy. Dramatic increases the productivity as possible. Within Industry and then moving onto electrification, innovation production lines any more efficient ways of producing products an visit us. Industrialization around Automation Electronic Control that. So they find the content industry full point. As is often referred to in thinking. Okay. How can we connect all of the different devices of pieces of information that we might have particular setting? Connect those in to to the digital. Computing where you can have data storage across crossing and data analysis, so then debates this. Use of automated production is that one level higher allows the three sophisticated knowledge in control of what's going on, we take. This is particularly important for area such as processing. Biological Because of the complexity of what we daily with, so we really need to be able to get to grips with the complexity of the processes. Running on wore the day to this coming out with those and get into Rica era format such we can use asked me as we progress. That's really interesting. You explain. The Solutions synthase provides in this area. said they didn't start out as companies as we all now, so these days we provide software ted help people do their science recently made this offering the first late is because we processing. Those looking for ways of doing more sophisticated automated experiments in order to address the next is the will to do so the cool capability software. Anthony is the older generation. ultimated instructions abolish Christ calls. While is means is the scientists can rapidly specify They want to run. The works out all the details down to the every step of run protocal it can convert those detailed actions. The scripts that needed particular. These Commission and Toronto away from the intent. The scientist is given the software old way through old details that needed to actually run at intended experiment. Includes will to calculating the volumes concentrations, the reagents in the samples that needed shows the US to set those regions on on your. So then using that. Hey, go on the road. Will that wrong this? Project Hope with instructions. To generate. Amidst. Substantially more usable impactful at the moment there's a real issue It's highly flexible due to the complexities of programming and so out, there allows much more flexible, useful information. Law Context for more complex experimentation. So. Now's where we started. To do some really cool experiments that we re proud, generated number case studies which show the power of using automation in all science. But. It also has a really big beneficial effect when it comes to digital integration. If we think about all the different devices we have within the lab. Is the automation is? Also Dr and actually we have about electrical devices in particular, which is an associated with those. Two nations which actually produced the data, which is the whole point running experience in the first place. What we need is a way of structuring dates from all of these diverse diversities equipment.

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