Prosecution of police officers for misconduct are here in our county and this is the



An arrest warrant is now out for the police officer who fired two shots into rae's sharp Brooks back and killed him last Friday in Atlanta Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard junior said a short time ago Garrick Ralph is being charged with eleven counts including felony murder unfortunately this marks the fortieth prosecution of police officers for misconduct are here in our county and this is the ninth time that we've prosecuted a homicide case committed by a police officer R. eight of those cases involved black males and one of those cases involved a black female a second officer Devin Brosnan's also facing charges including aggravated assault body cam footage showed Brooks cooperating with the officers during a sobriety check for the better part of an hour he then resisted arrest and ran authorities say officer Ralph had possession of Brooks license vehicle and was aware that the taser gun Brooks took from Bronson was not lethal but Ralph opened fire on Brooks anyway shortly after that encounter Atlanta's police chief resigned responding to weeks of civil unrest Senate Republicans are now out with a plan to address problems in policing and congressional Democrats argue it doesn't do enough here's NPR's Kelsey Snell the legislation aims to address concerns around police brutality without many of the strict federal mandates backed by Democrats the Republican bill provides incentives for police departments to ban the use of chill cold air and includes additional money for body worn cameras training and reporting

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