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The midst of, but You look at the number of hospital beds who actually have the testing up. We do more testing than any state in the United States. Chuck we do more testing per capita than any country on the globe. The testing is the key. You do the isolation? You have enough people e enough. I see you beds on then you you from the testing. You have a rate of transmission that you can monitor and you proceed through the phases. If you hit that rate of transmission, this is a virus. It doesn't respond to politics. You can't tweet at it. You have to treat it And we never did that Now. My fear is we had today. Five deaths. Now we offer thoughts and prayers to every death in our state. But five deaths is the lowest number we have had since this started Chuck. We are in the exact opposite, and we have less than 800 people in hospitals. Lowest number basically since we started How does that number go up two ways lack of compliance on I'm diligent about staying after New Yorkers and local governments that have police it and second I'm now afraid of the spread coming from other states because we are one country and people travel, and I'm afraid the infection rate in the other states. Will come back to New York and raised that rate again. All right. If Governor to Santa's calls you up this afternoon, Governor Abbott calls you up this afternoon of Texas and Florida. They say. All right, let's set the politics aside. I know. You know, we mouthed off actually a little bit. What's your recommendation? How it What should we do here? What would you tell him? I'll tell you, I'll tell you. I don't wait for them to call. This is New York. We're proactive. My team has called their teams and said, Look, can we help? When we were in trouble, Chuck, we had states all of course. The nation who came to help us We have 30,000 volunteers from of course, the United States who came to help us Esso I call those states. I said any way we can help. We've gone through it. We have the equipment. We have the staff. We have the testing protocols. We have the testing software. We have the tracing program. Can we help anything? You need ventilators, etcetera. And that's the right thing to do from a community point of view and a citizenry point of view. It's also there's a parochial interests, which is, if the's states keep going up. We're going to have a national crisis like we have never seen. They said This was the way to help the economy by re opening is they've been the exact opposite. Every time the virus goes up, the stock market goes down on if those if those states continued to increase your steed, go all across the nation, you'll see New York on the rise again. And you'll see the other states starting to go up even more.

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