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If you have Amazon prime video there's a movie called mice bite which was just hitting theaters when covert nineteen hit this is an action comedy Dave Batista who's you know guardians of the galaxy you know that big giant former wrestler guy he's a CIA agent row he finds himself teamed up with the precocious nine year old so in other words should be making kindergarten cop now I have to tell you about this to think that this is actually this is a rite of passage for action star Jackie Chan had a movie like this the rock had a movie like this John Cena is had a movie like this at some point you gotta so you're lovable side and be charged with guarding little kids and then you learn about the soft side yourself this one is particularly horrible and one of the things we hate about this movie Rakan my spot is set primarily in Chicago they shot it in Toronto eight that and the worst moments in this movie is there's a chase that begins in wicker park okay the bad guy gets behind the wheel of a car with her party he's trying to get away from Dave Batista CIA agent now the C. I. A. tech person is in David she says here telling them where you know traveling this guy and the agents as one minute after this car leaves wicker park the agent says looks like he's heading to the Naperville area because Naperville has a giant airfield so wrong later five minutes later we're in phony Naperville where I kid you not there's a big you know action sequence where the plane on the runway is now dangling over what appears to be the Grand Canyon who knew that in Naperville there was an airport overlooking a giant canyon clearly green screen so I mean it's just been really poorly done it's too violent for the little kids and it's too stupid for the adults and a lot of parents thing all this might be fun have a fun action movie stay away from my spy that's too bad you're you're totally right about that right of passage because Arnold Schwarzenegger had to do that too right I mean it was like a garden shop yeah I mean everybody has to make sure that the kids have something to go watch in that in those movies were actually pretty good for kids you're saying this one's not this was terrible okay now I've got I've got the funniest movie of the summer Fauria probably so far it has the worst title of all time it's called Eurovision Song Contest the story of fire saga well the Eurovision Song Contest is an actual deal in Europe and has been since the rent if these in fact Salim young was discovered on that aba was first on the Eurovision Song Contest this is a parity with will Ferrell the king of the parity right and Rachel McAdams they play a couple of Icelandic singer songwriters he's Lars Eriksen she's cigarette original daughter and their Icelandic and they're dreaming of representing their home whether they do kind of like Viking game of thrones stamp rock songs so this is filled with all these big production numbers because then we meet the contestants from Greece and the grand the Russian the Russian contest is actually played by our friend Dan Stevens was Matthew Crawley on Downton abbey he plays a Russian oligarch who's also a ballad singer it's really really stupid and it's really really funny it's mostly excuse these big giant set pieces where they do these huge production numbers remember will Ferrell did a movie called blades of glory your hair well he does for you know that did for ice dancing with the stars for song competition so even though we don't know the Eurovision Song Contest here in the states we know about all the competition shows that this is basically get one singer from each country you know what it's all European countries they have a couple of other than the states they're not we're not eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest was there an SNL bit with will Ferrell that was similarly themed I I just don't know that there could have been it's it's clearly the kind of stuff that he just excels at when you see him in the big Viking outfit and looks like the blue eye shadow it's singing about Viking you know might biking protector this is the song from this will enrich McAdams by the was wonderful as well she can also be very funny the video and the song they do is so terrible that it's great because it looks just like when you see those kind of you know that's a big deal that kind of like that Viking will rock nonsense yeah there's my aunts were everybody everybody pretends like the rolling the slave ship which is really just unfortunate or the big Viking ship as it will be we kind of you know horrible music but really right prepared well it there's that old joke about Led Zeppelin thank you know I have the have the crap was about Vikings right and if the agency had no idea what they were saying about this the music was so great musicianship as of right but if you look back you're like what the hell of the talk was only in the middle of the song yeah they had they did they had references to the lord of the rings when it was just a yeah they were so ready this is really true okay and anything else this weekend it's yeah I want to tell people is a completely does shift in tone row but the there's a best selling book a called I'll be gone in the dark written by the late Michelle McNamara who was UP board result park went to California become a true crime writer Mary Patton Oswalt the famous comedian and actor and she wrote about one of the best true crime book sense in cold blood called I'll be gone in the dark about the search for the Golden State killer probably the least known to most prolific serial killer rapist of the last fifty years this is not a six part series about Michelle's book and also about the Golden State killer it starts on HBO on Sunday night if people if you're into that true crime genre you know talk about making a murderer people aren't so many of these other ones this is the podcast to get started this is brilliantly done and it's really a profile of Michelle McNamara and her marriage to Pat now as well because it's young obviously she had a lot of recording should podcasters video for a lot and she died while writing the book she died in her sleep partially because the stress of the book and and prescription drugs and under heart condition and they continued patent and some researchers continued and finished the book without her and then we get to know the story of this incredible monster who I will let people know was just arrested a couple of years ago and charged with all these crimes because guess what they got his DNA matched about fourteen of the crime scenes that that kept the updates from I'll be gone in the

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