New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on concerns of a rise in coronavirus cases

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Earlier this week, the governors of the tri-state Area New York New Jersey, and Connecticut announced that visitors arriving from states with surging coronavirus numbers will be asked to self quarantine for fourteen days or face fines. Here's Becky. We welcome Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey. He's. He's been watching his state open up after four long months and and governor. Thanks for being with us this morning. When you get out there, you really start to see people who were back out in restaurants again going out shopping out of beaches and parks and a just wonder as you watch this. If you worry that, we're going to see a rise in cases, and what numbers you're watching how you're measuring this to decide if we're doing this the right way first of all, it's good to be back with you and we do worry. Which is why we've been taking this in very specific. Phases in terms of reopening. Outdoors is a lot less concerning than indoors. That's not to say there aren't concerns outside, but the the concerns pale in comparison to say inside lacking ventilation sedentary close proximity. That's a bad. Those are bad characteristics for this virus. The things we look at most closely in terms of our guides are rate of transmission. If it's under one that means less than one other person is getting infected if they're in contact with someone who has got the virus. The spot positivity rate, meaning what percentage of folks getting tested are actually positive for covid nineteen, and thirdly as new hospitalizations, those are the three here and now data points. We look at a lot of data, but those are the three that matter the most we have seen things. Get a little out of control in states like Texas. Florida Arizona, even California you're starting to see some real pickups in these things and we spoke with Dr Scott. GOTTLIEB I know you're familiar with Scott and I'm well. He said that contact tracing is not being done very effectively in a state like Texas. They don't know why young people are getting it. These states are really doing. Very good contact tracing where to isolate the source of the spread. They think it's congregate settings where young people gathering because young people are the ones who are getting infected at a higher percentage, and so they've. They've identified the bars. And most of the people, apparently most of the people who are presenting sick, the young people preserving sick have identified that they've been in barbies. Lay or a lot of them when I talked to the physicians, but they don't know for sure qepared. Are you in New Jersey in terms of contact tracing? Try and figure out if there's a spike in cases where it's coming from and what? I can't. I can't speak to the specifics of Texas Scott is a great guy and has been a great adviser Jersey Guy by the way. We have we have since day? One remember none of us at any of this at the beginning, so what if you're looking for a source of comfort, folks or silver lining its testing tracing plans? Ties isolate folks who have the virus. We had none of that as a country or state three or four months ago. We now test him the top couple per capita states in the nation. With the great help of Rutgers, our flagship State University. We're adding meaningfully till the already nine hundred contractors we have. We hope to get up over two thousand within the next couple of weeks. I hope and believe that our approach will be effective. Again our numbers have gotten notwithstanding the loss of over thirteen thousand people. It's hard to believe we've lost that many in New Jersey alone. Our numbers have gotten dramatically better, so we've been able to do the contact tracing up until now at least with local and county tracers. We have nine hundred of them on the field so far so good, but we WANNA. Make sure we've got a capacity that looks like our testing capacity. Just in case and I think we all have to be prepared for this. We hope for the best, but prepare for the worst that this is going to flare up. And we need that tracing infrastructure in place. anecdotally again, it's far more concerning inside than outside. At least a New Jersey I can't speak for Texas. That's where our biggest concerns are

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