You can finally play Maxis' long-lost 'SimRefinery' oil simulator


Markovic from ars Technica wrote a story about maxis business solutions of course Max is the maker of Sim city created this business solutions in the wake of the success of Simcity to make simulators for business use. Chevron was one of the companies that engaged that division wanted. Max is to make a simulated oil refinery not for training purposes because it just wouldn't be. Safe to do that, but to help. Employees at its Richmond California plant understand how the entire refinery worked to say like. We're not going to train you on every job here, but this gives you a sense of how these jobs are all interdependent, so in Nineteen ninety-two maxis made a prototype game called Sim refinery. Librarian and archivist Phil Salvador tried to find a copy, but it seemed like it was lost forever. He found lots of references, but couldn't find the actual code until an ars technica reader hearing about Salvador's efforts in the Technica. Posted to the comments with an image of Sim refinery on a three point, five inch disk that he said belonged to a retired chemical engineering friend. Poster call themselves. Post bebop and promised to try to recover the disk, and after apparently some annoying extraction. Did so on Thursday return to ours comments, saying that the code had been posted at archive dot. Org as part of its playable Dawson. Now play the incomplete but existing game of Sim

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