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Moments of hope and solidarity from the George Floyd protests



Week. The world stopped marching for a few hours to honor the memory of George Floyd among those speaking at his memorial service in Minneapolis where his family's attorney Benjamin crump. What we are doing. Is Happened America Be America for all Americans and the Reverend Al Sharpton George. Freud's story has been the story of black folks because Ebola since four hundred and one years ago. The reason we could never be who we wanted and dreamed being his. You kept. You'll need a on our net. Throughout the week, the marches and protests spread across the country, and around the world in Berlin in Sydney and Paris in London. They marched. We literally feel you we understands. Withstanding the we understand and we feel your pain at times typically late at night, there were handfuls of looters and rioters crashing the protests. The peaceful marches carried on each day. People calling for police reform and calling out systemic racism in America. By mid week, those four police officers at the scene of George Floyd staff had been criminally charged. ABC's Ryan Burrow went to the shrine set up to honor George Floyd in Minneapolis. This is where we should be today or else wearing or sitting. to remember him. And to fight for the justice, he deserves all week long at this growing memorial that includes flowers, candles, signs murals, people have been handing out free food, free water, free baby supplies and free hugs. Traffic has been blocked replaced by hourly group. Prayer circles the gas station lot now a space for music and grilled hotdogs graffiti sprayed against cops is now being replaced with words of kindness. Hope an honor for George, floyd the exact spot in South Minneapolis that fueled pain and anger of a life cut short, may the spot that breathes new life into the. The twin

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