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On Floyd's knack for nearly nine minutes in Australia thousands are expected to attend black lives matter rallies even though they may face fines for breaching coronavirus restrictions always a limb reports more than four hundred indigenous Australians have died in police custody since nineteen ninety one activists say that a pulled by a New South Wales decision late last night to bomb the protest the judge argued the right to gather was being deferred to do to coronavirus restrictions not taken away anyone who attends the rally could face a fine of more than a thousand dollars prime minister Scott Morrison has also leads people to stay home the situation differs from state to state in New South Wales protests are not permitted now this like South Australia police working with organizes to ensure safety but activists say any bands marks of a double standard given to the rugby season we starts next week with sounds allowed to watch games in stadiums for NPR news I'm Louise a limb in Melbourne Twitter is blocking a trump campaign video saying it violates copyright protections the video shows George Floyd photos and videos of protest marches and this is a violence well trump speaks in the background it's not clear which image prompted the copyright complaints I'm Nora Raum NPR news

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