Newsom orders California to shut down indoor activities, all bar operations


And for Rebecca Corral with covert 19. Running rampant in California Governor Newsome is dialing back statewide, shutting down sectors of the economy that had been allowed to reopen. Hey, CBS Political reporter dug. Sovereign is joining us live and says that includes all bars, all indoor dining in many counties. The closures extend far beyond that, and I was watching a tweet this out as the governor was making the announcement, Doug and it feels like we're going back to the starting line. Almost Boy, it sure does Dan and it's pretty frustrating to a lot of people. I mean the corona viruses unchecked in the Golden State, the hospitalization and I see you numbers continue to move in the wrong direction. The positivity rate is approaching 8%. And Governor Gavin Newsom said today it is time to pull back and no longer just on a county by county basis. We are announcing additional statewide actions as it relates to our state home order here in the state of California. We are now effectively rather effective today required all counties to close their indoor act activities there indoor operations in every county, not just the 31 or so now on the state watch list. All bars must close gnome or indoor dining, movie theaters, family entertainment centers or winery tasting rooms and in those counties where the things are worst, covering more than 80% of California's people. There are further shutdowns, houses of worship, Hera nail salons, gyms and fitness centers. Malls. Non essential offices must all closed down again in the Bay Area. That list includes Alameda Contra Acosta Marin. Napa, Santa Clara Solano in Sonoma County. So in other words everywhere in the Bay Area except San Francisco and San Mateo counties, I pressed the Governor Dan about the confusion regarding restaurants in Alameda County over the last few days, and the general level of frustration among so many people about what's open and what isn't what's safe and what isn't. He acknowledged His responsibility is leader of the state. But he said too many people are just not acting with common sense. We all need to wear masks and keep a safe distance went outside reporting live Doug Sovereign, KCBS dog real quick. Also, did he mention anything about schools because classes were supposed to start in about a month. Is he going to step in on that? Or is he going to leave that to local communities? Well again a little bit of confusion there because it's some of both. He was asked a couple of times about the schools and again, as you said. No different districts are handling it differently. Some are shutting down completely doing everything remotely. Others are doing hybrids. He suggested that there's further guidance coming from the state, although he leaves it to local districts to make decisions. He congratulated Los Angeles, for example, on deciding tohave all remote schools. This fall, he said. There's some more guidance coming in the next few days from from the state regarding mask wearing at school's school buses, sports certain safety measures that will have to be taken if schools do want to reopen in person in part, or even more than in part in some district. So while he's still saying it's it's a district by district decision, the state is going to put some new mandates in place, so that's districts that do allow in person education this fall. We're going to have some stricter rules to follow. All right. Thanks very much. KCBS is Doug sovereign. You can follow him on Twitter to today with the latest at sovereign nation. Meanwhile, in

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