Ep 15: 'Return of the HBIC' (I Love New York Season 1) - burst 07

The Trash


Know some Dick, and she did in August was there, so they started fucking, and they got into a relationship and you know they again. She was separated. We'll we'll at the time. They rent a relationship for a bit. And then at some point they kinda outgrew it or whatever and a August contacting her, and then eventually heard got back together and you know he knew about everything, but like they worked it out. Somehow it is that's. Where table talk about it. Now 'cause August see no like said something says something like a breakfast club interview some shit like that. Lesson. Win will and Jada had broken up, and she started bone in. That dude will should've just stayed broken up with her. He's better alone I don't. She destroyed his first marriage number one well. He destroyed to to take the. Tango but still also I dunno Jada Pinkett Smith not as talented as will Smith. Now also also also. This bitch was trying to be like. Oh, I got into an entanglement, and will smith was like saint for what it is, Jada? It was a relationship like come on like this is

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