‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’: New Animated Series To Debut On Disney+ In 2021

/Film Daily


There's some big news this morning. Some Big Star Wars News. They've announced a new series for Disney, plus it's an animated series. Brad tells butter yes so star wars, the clone wars just fame to an end on Disney plus with one final season I, it was a big return and also a big sendoff for the show. I after it really didn't get a chance to go out on the terms that day felony really wanted it to. And a big part of that final season was a large role for this group of clone troopers known as the bad batch They're a small group of elite experimental clones, each of them, having their own special. Attributes that are kind of like mutations that came. In the clones that were had their origin Django fat, and now that Group of clone troopers is getting their own spin off series called Star Wars, the bad batch it'll pick up after the clone wars have ended and follow them as they try and find their place in the world. Cincinnati no longer have. The purpose for which they were created, which was to fight you know these clone wars, so they'll be going on various mercenary missions, and just trying to figure out their place in this world.

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