The streets of Chicago. Babies are dying


Year old. In the debate over reopening schools this fall, some parents say with extensive precautions in person instruction could be a huge relief and essential to their Children's learning teachers. Unions say. The whole process of being rushed. We got more from ABC is Trevor All President. Trump has called current CDC guidelines for reopening schools, which include face coverings in desk six feet apart. Very tough and very impractical Things. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos says those guidelines are meant to be flexible. But the CDC says without mitigation measures full sized in person classes pose the highest risk for covert 19 spread. Arizona is one of seven states that set daily death toll records over the past week. Now, Some testing labs are reporting a 30 day backlog more from a B C's will carve basic criticism. The nation's testing's our says the country is testing enough to find the outbreaks. But here in California refrigerated containers have turned into makeshift morgues across the United States. More than 1200 people died this weekend alone. While the deadly death toll has been on the rise, it's still lower than the numbers from April 3 businesses and their West sides try Taylor Community were damaged by fire woman who was clean Up outside her home, So she saw smoke and called 911 gonna go? Oh, my God, not the clothing, sir, please, not the clothing store, and it turned out the clothing store.

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