I Feel Better Naked


Today on sixty seconds psych I feel better naked. Whether gardening outdoors or hiking in the woods, getting back to nature is generally good for mental health. But what about just getting naked today we report on the first randomized controlled trial of naked activity on body image anxiety. The study by. On whist recruited fifty one British adults with a simple, add on twitter. Hang out with others. Drink some wine and get paid ten quid that were then randomized into one of two rooms in a north London bar. In the first room, they mingled and drank with clothes on in the second room. They were met with an instruction. That must've felt like a surprise for this experiment. All you have to do is one enjoy yourself in the company of others for forty five minutes, and to do so naked. All participants are expected to disrobe for this part of the experiment, and they all disrobed without incident. The result socializing naked reduced body imaging Zaidi. It also improved body appreciation, but this effect seemed mediated by the reduction in negative feelings about one's body. The intervention had no effect on the perceived attractiveness of others. What in the devil does this all mean well? They didn't recruit a clinical sample, so it tells us nothing about how nude interactions would affect people with eating disorders, dismore disorder or social anxiety. But it does help us understand and empathize with patients who pursued the nudist lifestyle, and that was likely the sponsors goal for the study, which was funded by the British Nature Ism group unnoticed

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