Stephen Jackson: 'If you don't love every race, then you can't stand with me.'


I saw earlier today something from Steven Jackson he posted on Instagram that we'll get to hear one second I believe this Stephen Jackson is painted as the angry black guy basketball player who who is militants who doesn't care about anybody black people and that's not Jackson all the time he preaches that I have love for all but those that Love Me to essentially and he said something earlier today on Instagram that I want to play right now that that really speaks to his mindset and want equality for everybody but at the same time I think about it too when I say I see where he's coming from so while I love all races but if you don't love all races then you can stand with me if you're not standing for what I'm standing for U. K. stand with me because I love everybody I don't know what's going on here I don't know what these people doing these people I don't know what does what does people doing to those people but I know what's been done us and I know how to love everybody so if you stand on the side I love what you love everybody in every race equally then you can stand with me I'm definitely on some equality for black people because we've been treated like I'm definitely some justice for my brother and so many others Brianna Taylor I'm all that but love for all who have love for if you don't love every race you can use them with me and you can draw on the street from me it's clear where I stand love all level of phone I which is Stephen Stephen Jackson I can't say it any better than that you've got to want equality almost all races almost everybody explain a simple and if you're not of the mindset we probably don't but hits

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