Liverpool are Premier League champions

Blogging the Boys


You are a fan of Liverpool football club congratulations to you. That's right. Liverpool getting the DUB on. On Thursday although they didn't really good dub. DUB But Manchester City did not get the DUB which means that Liverpool are champions of England. had been a long time since ever pool Wanda top-flight in England. In fact, it'd been thirty years nineteen ninety the last time that Liverpool. Where we're kings of England and so very cool, honestly I'm a Manchester United Guy, but it is very cool in sports when teams can end really long dry odds, and you get to kind of see the emotions, fans and whatnot have hopefully that something that. The Dallas Cowboys do sooner rather than later, so we can kind of experience at the cowboys now going on a twenty five year droughts not quite what Liverpool was experiencing. But but Pretty close so hopefully two thousand, twenty, the year of those types of droughts ending

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