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We are the ladies of strange I'm Ashley I'm Tiffany and I'm Rebecca. Thank you for joining US each week. is we discuss the history mystery? In theory of all things, questionable and Airy, good job, guys. You got through it. Straight face no GIGGLEFISH I bit my tongue, and almost said something, but I thought you guys with. Yell at me for stopping. That sounds like a bad side show clown straight face fits. What. I don't know that's just what came in my head. When I sent straight face, no gigabits man. Oh, okay, another clown murderer! No I'm thinking like. In nineteen fifty sideshow clown probably would be in like freak. Show like American Horror Story Freak show. I mean he could be a John Wayne Gay. See Ma'am Times to. Why are you on your laptop? I'm not on my laptop. Are you lying I'm not a D. do you see my laptop open? I don't think you close now yet is closed. I WANNA teach us some stuff to have a history lesson history, okay? And seven years ago, I got really excited about this forefathers. Numbers in there so Jackson Beverly Wilga where collectors of vintage photographs and had in their collection a dagger type. Oh you don't say an old photograph taken using a process that involves a silver plate and Mercury Vapor, and his photo was of a young disfigured man. the photograph was believed to be taken in the nineteenth century. The man in the picture was believed that the man had encountered a whales. He was holding Harpoon like object in the image. TIFFANY's face. That was fun. they couple had the image on display in their home for years in December of two thousand and seven, the couple decided to share the image on flicker and titled it a one eyed man with Harpoon super, super creative, so one win was. When did they have it? In their home? Court were the years they had in their home, but they didn't post it till flicker until two thousand seven. Okay, so they decide like a random picture of some random disfigure. Yeah, some people collect mentioned photographs. My Dad is one of those on. This might make him happy. One Flicker user contacted the Combo commenting that the man probably isn't a whaler as he wasn't holding a Harpoon in the picture, was he holding buy outs. Oh, sorry I thought. You said he was holding her. They said it looked like her. so another user saw this picture and said Hey, this might be the only surviving photo of Venus Gauge, not famous gauge. Where's verb? Not Verb just just benny US I. Don't know that name so shown, either. That's why I said. Where's Fergany isn't firm? So, y'all ready to learn about Fini's gauge. Liz Foreign and eighteen twenty three, the DSP gauge lead, either an uneventful lifer didn't bother keeping a journal because he doesn't pop up again until eighteen forty eight, okay. Okay. No list of at the age of twenty five Fini's was working as a railroad, foreman and common dish Vermont and on September, thirteenth eighteen, forty eight made a really good attempt at receiving the Darwin Award. Oh my God. Yes, so excited, so phineas worked for the RUTLAND and Burlington railroad company as a form part of his job involved coordinating, blasting out rock to make way for new. New Rail. Lines does part of the job required knowledge in geology and trigonometry, so I have a note to me, saying Insert statement about how trig is as useful of the maths, I will say I really liked. trig choke is super. Useful triggers the most Hallo basic addition. Wouldn't just like OPRAH EMMY BE MORE USEFUL THAN TRADE? Because I never took trig and I'm getting along just fine. Your overcompensating at all. No compensation here I come to terms. Okay, so geology and trigonometry so not only did. They have to be pretty clever, but he also had a handle his crew, who was described as a gang of men who basically needed all the. Since they enjoy things brawling shooting and drinking, they sound like sounds like my. Sounds like the type of people that didn't take trig. had good people skills. Though so is crew liked them to blast the area involved not only defendants have to create schematics aware to drill holes that were a couple inches wide, and a few feet deep, but also had to be able to place them along natural joints and rifts in the rock to make the job easier because why work harder than you have to the cracks just like push it a little harder so i. Like my mental health. Hey? Push it just one step further fine, are we? I completely lost what I was going to save. Thirty Oh. Did He Oh, I was thinking like the he needed to do dousing, but you're talking about like actual cracks in the ground. Yes, we're not looking for water. He's trying to clear out pathways like blowout rock lay lines, not like no crat down, sorry. You bring a witchy friend along. Here is the source of power here. Blow the spot so once. These holes were drilled. Blasting powder was placed into the whole untapped down. Using typically crowbars. Vinnie. As was kind of a big deal. He had his own tampering device made by local blacksmith to Tampa device was basically a Joplin with thirteen point. Two five pounds was forty three inches long and tapered from a diameter of one point, two five inches, which was an eas for taping into a point. Any guesses on where this is going. That's his Oh. Oh, is that how he lost his eye? So once I found stated that the incident happened a one day while camping bananas endured the Osha Guidelines for tapping blasting powder into the earth with a long metal spike. Parentheses, which wouldn't be the Osha wouldn't be until nineteen seventy-one, but that's not the point. Close parentheses and I can only assume look down into the hole above the spike. CH- one source I founded the incident happened around four thirty pm near quitting time, so either finance wasn't paying attention as he was telling his routed group to behave, or his assistant forgot to put the ever important sand into the hall before tampering because San Prevents, sparks from getting to the plastic powder either way. The blessing powder ignited

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