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WanNa welcome everybody to another episode of the plant strong podcast in honor of father's Day. I'm going to be interviewing my father you know. We last brought him on the podcast three months ago when we just had the kind of the outbreak of Kobe nineteen. Nineteen here in the United States. And, so we'd love to get his thoughts on that also we have a bunch of questions from from our podcast. Listeners really that are that are directed towards you. Daddy, but let me open this up by saying you know in in in honor of father's Day You Know How lucky I am to have you as my father and you have done such a great job blazing such a a wonderful bright path forward not only for me, but for so many other people that have had the had the privilege and the honour of. Embracing your tenants around a whole foods, plant based lifestyle, and beyond that I've had the privilege of of seeing just how you conduct yourself as a as a father, a man and a great human being so. Thank you for that. So let me start by I. Want to share something with the listeners something that happened to me last Sunday. And, it's obviously something that you're well aware of but. I Love Mountain. BIKING I mountain bike behind my house. There's this greenspace of. Probably anywhere between. Twenty to fifty miles of mountain biking trails, and I've been mountain biking back there for well over. Twenty years without any kind of mishap or injury, but last Sunday morning I was riding with two of my friends, and on a an a decline that was going into a creek bed. I hit a slippery rock. took a nice tumble and basically. broke broke my the distal part of my fibula, which is is that? Would you say that's considered kind of part of the ankle? Yes. Yeah. And, so I immediately knew that something was seriously wrong. I try to stand up and got nauseous and wanted to vomit. God lightheaded, these guys had ended up carrying me out through the woods into backyard and long story short went in for X-rays the next day, and in fact it was. It showed that it was. It was fractured now over the next couple of days we were trying to get some reassurance as to whether or not, I should have a a surgery. be to try and. Determine if this was a stable or unstable fracture, and we were able to determine a week later after the inflammation was down that it was an unstable fracture needed to have needed to be set needed, have Eight screws and a plate. And so that surgery happened. Two days ago. I think everything went really really well, but I am now convalescing. In in bed, and it's been really a a bit of a torturous last. Six seven eight days Kinda On my back, trying to trying to take care of this thing. But you've been so helpful. As far as guiding me through this process, so thank you. Well Rip I'm just delighted to have you share your story with your. The audience the key. Were you have a fracture of the digital fibula? That Along with the Tibia makes up the ankle mortis on born on either side of. The rise on the Taylor's and. It was very nice to see that they absolutely brought back precisely as it should be. The anatomy of those those bones, even though eight schools in a metal plate. That, also on the other thing, you may have some excitement. You can join me when you go through the airport line The bills go off. Yeah, yeah, you're well. It's a little more picture of time. Skillful neglect, and this will take care of itself nicely. I shouldn't yeah. Yeah, thanks. So remember what. What routes Waldo Emmerson said. Mike All Times is a great time if one knows but what to do with it. While I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. I want get out and I WANNA I wanNA swim I want. I want to walk. I want to do something. So the last time that we had joined the podcast. Cove in nineteen, just hit It was back in March I. Believe you know we're now. April may June. We're now. It's three months later. Do you have any thoughts on kind of where we are right now with. With the corona virus will what is very apparent if you. Follow the television update every day is that? There are number of states in the east to really buckled down and played hardball. Social distancing staying at home handwashing. Getting Really Interesting, out governor Cuomo. Absolutely counter that message for day after day after day. And the the states there on East? Kept pretty under control on the other hand. Those? It opened opened early and relevant, more lax are never or never closed. It looks like we're paying the price I think next week will really tell the the virus. The virus doesn't listen to. to anybody the virus has its its own pace and what it's going to do. But there has been something that I'm particularly keen on because there's fits right into. The the lifestyle that we want ARC agency. Cardiovascular Disease Fall. And just to give you a little bit of background. This has to do with with nitric oxide and we may have talked about it. Somewhat last time, but I think it bears repeating because yeah, sometimes, the whole concept is not that easy for people to grasp the first time. And it was a number of actually a decade or two ago, maybe more. That was found out that earlier virus. Could be killed by nitric oxide, which is obviously a molecule of gas. And so at the present time there are two academic institutions spoke. The Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. and. Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Where they have. A. Setup a study where patients who come in with a coronavirus. Will be first exposed thirty minutes of inhaling nitric oxide. And that's repeated three times a day. They're also doing the same. With. With. The healthcare workers who will get thirty minutes of animation of nitric oxide when they arrived at work. And thirty minutes identification again when they arrived from today.

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