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Would say listen your starter doesn't have to go five innings to get a win because I'm not saying that pictures are gonna say listen leave me out there so I can get the victory especially in a weird sauce was our season like this but it would make sense to me if I got went three innings the team's got the win and they pull amount to get the victory this year okay hello dear brother for the first time I've heard that I think it's got a lot of merit to it I think it's gonna be real hard the first month of the season for a starter even qualify right away and I think that's one of the staff yeah we're gonna have to look at carefully we've got a month to look at that before addressing it talking to Dan Evans former executive VP and GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers former assistant GM and director of baseball ops for the white Zach Stan so if you were a general manager of a baseball team this year how would you approach I don't I don't even know if we have clarity yet on the actual trade deadline I remember there was being floated about in July thirty for our odds August thirtieth maybe I know that was already okay so it is so so if it's August thirty first and you have this small sample size to work with and you also know that we have coronavirus that we're living through right now and you're concerned about potentially some players contracting that during a season how would you approach a trade deadline if your team was in it are you are you gonna go for it like you normally would or are you a little more cautious realizing that you know it's not just injury you need to be working worried about that could completely you know suffering your season but also you know a potential star player having to miss two weeks because they have to quarantine because they test positive for covert nineteen have you like how would you approach that if you were the general manager of a good baseball team near the trade deadline I think this is going to be the most unique trade deadline we've ever seen August thirty first is a long way away guys two months given all the things that are swirling around with health issues and economics of the the world not just Major League Baseball I think there's a lot of things that are going to come into play for the upcoming deadlines Jackie bring up a good point you know the risk averse team probably won't want to do things but there's more factors first of all prospects in many cases what what you can't stop them you don't know what kind of shape the room you don't know whether or not you can trade with the guys you can be a little gun shy because none of your spouse of Steven so that's a big deal number two I think you're gonna see teams that are the economic issues that are out there for starters they have a large payroll they're faced with a very difficult PR decision where where in the best interests of the club want to move a guy but the fallout PR why could be so damaging they may not want to do it but then on the other side there might be close that are emerging money and as a result say we don't care we'll take a chance in the free agent market after this season we think we can replenish our ballclub the other thing is this and and and just let's just be honest we don't know what the state of our world is going to be health wise October first not even end up playing the entire playoffs packs of that guy is a big deal I was speaking to someone yesterday any of the value of a starting pitcher is far more different than it's ever been what is C. twelve or thirteen starts over the course of the season an ordinarily at the trade deadline you get about ten starts out of that guy this year you're going to get about five or six so what do you pay for that guy to get you to thirty two or thirty three well in what I think is going to be a starting rate at the end because over sixty games these are schedule I think we'll have a lot of teams in the race earliest one going into the last month of the season so who's in who's out I don't think they'll know themselves mentor to without another minute or two and Danny Evans here talk as a baseball on ESPN one thousand Danny we got really excited last year we heard that there was going to be a game at the field of dreams and you were one of the guys involved with this what's going on with that I know that the white Sox and Yankees aren't even supposed to play each other this year I know that it's a very difficult time with everything else we're trying to put together how are things going with the the build out now what's going on now thanks for asking first of all we receive no words the DJ and have any jeopardy whatsoever right now we're excited about that we're lucky that it's in August thirteenth scheduled date but I think there's a couple things in play you know we don't know the schedule the schedule hasn't been released there probably will be a difference in the clouds because of the regional aspect of the schedule the Major League Baseball never discontinue the build of the stadium in the field itself so we're optimistic that we're going to play a game for me with the all star game being washed away I think it could potentially be the feel good game of the baseball season with the build out and with every a lot of the ball games being played with no people in the stands I mean you you expect that they have a big you know a fact that this also no because I'll tell you what we were only we are only having a stadium built for a thousand people to start with okay the crowd wasn't going to be the issue it's more the setting and it's more that we need a choreography again that'll make it a real special events division we couldn't have felt very bitter you know what given what we've got going on Fred you know your wishes have to change it with with everything that we've dealt with and he might just make it more authentic like you're actually watching field of dreams of.

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