Emilie O'Neill - Doing Good While Doing Well - burst 08


A chat about the future impact. Small caps fund active ATF I. M Pei cue. Wish you help to manage I. Do I do what do you do? What's the first thing you do when you get to the office and turn on the computer well? My. Day is I up. I'm looking at the news. I'm looking at company announcements. I'm looking at portfolio. What happened overseas and day-to-day is really. Do financial models all about companies that are investing in and also engaging with management, making sure they are keeping up with as J. requirements. Know, doing. in-depth analysis and research on the companies and we getting at seven thirty in the morning so. coffees to stop a lot of of coffees very caffeinated. What right companies being added or taken away from the portfolio? So we're pretty active. Manage so constantly looking at portfolio. On Day basis making sure that all of the stocks made evaluation criteria. If there's any change in circumstances in the economy, we will adjust the portfolio accordingly. Type Place Daily, so he's aware looking to increase or reduce rates on a daily basis, and if there's obviously new opportunities that come to market, we'll be taking advantage of those by buying or selling assets in the portfolio. You use the term white. No, this a portfolio is. I'm just making a pie chart. With my hands. And the waiting is how that pie is divided. Think of a whole portfolio is one hundred percent, and in our case in the investiture impact cats fund. We have about forty five stocks in the portfolio, and they will get a percentage of that Pie h sorry could vary from one percent up to maybe around four and five percent or six percent in some cases if we have. A very strong belief that that stock is going to perform well, but it's basically just the weightings is the piece of the Pie. That h stock represents an her much is income part of the portfolio. Yes, Oh, it's not income as a huge focus for us in the portfolio. Where about capital growth so how is the fun trekking? Yes, so

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