Philadelphia Weather: Strong Winds, Heavy Downpours & Hail Wreak Havoc On Region


Under a flash flood emergency and said over live to NBC 11th alert meteorologist Glenn Hurricane Schwartz for the update, Glenn Yeah, we get these things very rarely, And so it's especially important to pay attention to these things People drown. In weather like this. It don't want this to happen to anybody, you know, so spread the word for those may be stuck in traffic, who have the temptation to try to drive through flooded roadways have already had to have several Water rescues, and that's why the flash flood emergency has been issued. Now. The heaviest rain right now extends along route Tuo to near King of Pressure. And then Up toward perky Yeomin and Phoenixville. Now I've been saying this for the last hour, so about the same area, so it's not moved. Well for 22 is especially bad and that's a bad road to begin with, with traffic, but some of the heaviest rain we've got hail. We've got lightning in that area, and once again it is not moving. So please do not try to drive through these flooded roads. Now in other parts of the area. We're seeing some improvement Conshohocken down to Gladwin. We've just got late rain now. German town when Mohr white marsh pay places that were just getting pounded an hour ago. Are seeing much, much lighter rain. We have one core of heavy rain, though in lower Marion That has broken off from the area. Norbert's out to Ballack, Inwood. That is a new area that has just developed. So what happens here is as these things move they create owe their own wind patterns, which then creates more Additional thunderstorms in different areas. And so it's not like a line of storms that comes down. You get a downpour this half hour rain and then it's gone. This is a very chaotic kind of system where from one hour to the next, it's hard to tell where the heaviest rains going to bay, but we're seeing the general trend. Of weakening From the Philadelphia area and poised to the north. We still have very heavy rain and Camden down toward I 95 near Chester and farther south in New Jersey, but we're not seeing anywhere near the amount of lightning That we were seeing even an hour ago except in this king of Prussia to Phoenixville area right around for 22. Hurricane typically with thes summer storms. The damage comes from From fierce winds from downpours that are pretty quick. This is not what you're seeing with this storm system, right? Right. This is not just a thunderstorm that is stationary. Let's say what is happening is that the one thunderstorm is in effect, creating another thunderstorm by the wind that comes down out of that storm. It moves out from the storm and collides with another area of wind, which then creates that next thunderstorm. So one of the things that we call this is back building so it might seem like the storm has passed you And then the next thing you know, it's on top. If you get it hasn't moved backward. A new storm has developed behind the original storm, and this is what's been happening for the last couple of hours because you don't have a real strong steering current So push these storms in one direction, so that's kind of the chaos that's been going on in the atmosphere here. But it developed so rapidly that gives you an idea of the amount of energy that we're dealing with. To go from. Nothing to severe thunderstorms in less than 1/2 hour is pretty remarkable.

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