Trump Targets Driver Bubba Wallace While Criticizing NASCAR Ban On Confederate Flag

NBC Nightly News


President trump today defended his administration's handling of the corona virus while his attention toward divisive cultural issues, questioning Nascar decision to ban the confederate flag. NBC's Peter. Alexander has more now from the White House tonight during the height of a pandemic president, trump's turning his attention to NASCAR's. fulltime driver after the FBI determined last month. That bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime when a noose was found in his assigned garage at Talladega speedway, the president tweeting has wallace apologized to all those great nascar drivers and officials who came to his aid only to find out the whole thing was just another hoax, but it was not wallace who reported the noose, instead a member of his team, founded and alerted Nascar Wallace responding tonight. Even when it's hate from the police, love wins. The president's also tweeting NASCAR's flag decision banning. Banning the confederate flag is hurting its ratings. IS HE BELIEVE NASCAR should fly the confederate flag? And why don't they fly here? Dan on the flag was mentioned in the broader context of the fact that he rejects this notion that somehow. NASCAR men and women who go to these sporting events are racists. In fact, NBC sports says Ratings for yesterday's race were up nearly fifty percent in the president's allied Lindsey Graham says he supports NASCAR's ban on the confederate flag test. You're in business to confederate. Flag is not a good way to grow your business. It comes as the president's trying to capitalize on America's growing cultural divide going after protesters toppling statues. Their goal is not a better America. They goal is to end America and later downplaying the risk from corona virus with this statement that many public health experts say is misleading, we have. Tested almost. Forty million people. By so doing we showcases. Ninety nine percent of which. Are totally harmless wall. The death rate remains low hospitalizations in many states are increasing.

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