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Still on the books. So they started charging people with it and ended up being hit with abuse of process well, that this is a process that it's intended to be used for is to harass property owners over a bunch of petty crap myth. That is the problem. So so if you if you use AA lot to penalize someone's political speech Technically, that's enough. They're not penalized political speech. They're going to say that they're just going to say his grass was growing too high. Give us some examples of what the seven different citations were. We got one for the revoked building permit. We have noise Ordinance. Having things in the town property right of the town right of way within 15 feet of the road sign violation for a sign for my A memorial sign for my dog got hit by a great but so they're coming after you because you have a memorial site for your dog. Okay. Just Pretty much What's

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