Freelance Vets with Jay Sheehan


Jay's worked on Jesus wanted one starting freelance vets before we get to talk about that, Jay, tickets back until us which did in the army. All right John Well. My my last MOS was ninety seven echo interrogator. I'm with Arabic linguists in the background Kinda got thrown into that. I had been driving out to the language school to learn Mandarin and our. MTO changed, so our theater changed. Everything changed as I'm driving out there. This is pre nine eleven and. That have way out. There was told that I'm going out there for Arabic now instead, which was kind of a kick, but We all know how that goes. Just you know. Carry on drive on at the job done but The language school. learned modern, standard Arabic with a bunch of group guys and girls from all branches and nine eleven happened. I had previously joined in now and ninety one ninety two for Desert Storm Desert Shield and. Was a combat engineer. Lend got talked into going 'EM I. It's a weird transition honestly, but You know I I look back, and it was some of the best and worst times in my life. I'm sure pretty much. Everyone will have that same experience, but That's That's it in a nutshell. Is, he probably get a little bit of peg a couple of chances to use that language in last few years following last September eleventh. Yes Sir Sir. Yeah. Probably, some good stories for another podcast, so talk to us about when you ended up getting out, or are you retired? what your transition out of the army was like and ultimately how you get into entrepreneurship. Well I mean I I was active duty reserve guard, active duty reserves. You know so I I like to joke that I spent more time on active duty as a reservist than I did in active duty so. Having that background I was able to work. You know in between a lot of times. I got into recruitment. Civilian recruitment and Working for. Staffing. And opened up several officers and. took to it. So when I came home. I kind of went out on my own I cooked up with a gentleman I used to work with a former agency. And he and I opened up our first startup, and within about three years we were building about twelve million dollars. with multiple offices are all over the state of Connecticut and. Just, you know, kick ass and take names in. It was good. It was hard for me not to to work for myself. you know? Had some karate schools in the past? Always Dabbled in entrepreneurship, and when I came out this last time I said this, is it start a family in a make? This works so I got into what I knew, well, which was that recruitment industry and never looked back. So! Can you tell us a little bit about the re? The recruiting industry is really more recruiting, not not staffing agency type stuff. Is that correct? Well actually I worked for what they would call a full service, so we did a temporary staffing long-term contingent staffing direct tire contract work. We had it all under one roof, so when I went out on my own. I kind of took that same model with me because it's what I knew. I had programmers and engineers working for companies as contractors. We would make a direct placements. I placed the vice president of a fortune five hundred company one ear A lot of what I did was in the manufacturing fills infection distribution. One point my company was the. national provider for macy's logistics and operations so anything that you or your wife bought online. basically was most likely packed by one of the people that worked for me. And sent to your house so So we were all over the place with that, yeah, so I got this I got a natural curiosity about. About that business what Can you talk through the methodology on? What what is it like usually our companies coming to us? We need help with our staffing or

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