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What is the age group of this Book Victoria? I think it's around maybe eight years old to thirteen years old so it's middle grade but they called middle grade yes. The book is called Love Love and of course. I was excited because it's a novel written entirely in Poetic Lines and at the same time again. The fear of poetry that might enter is completely abolished by the clarity and directness with which it's written now. You had written a picture book before this. That was times. Notable Book of the Year Victoria. This is new for you. Yes yes yes yeah. I two children and there's thirteen eleven now and as they've grown I've had to sort of read books or learn more about what books available to children in because I write adult poetry and Emma writer occasionally. I'll have these ideas where I wanna try that too. And and so these books. The children's books are result of love. Lov excited me particularly as I read to learn that it's title has as much to do with the opening score of tennis as it does to do with the Gulf between two sisters they have been drawn apart by an experienced. One sister at first seems to be getting more attention than the other at school. The other one is shy overweight but then the first the preferred sister her hair starts. Falling out. Is the way it's presented. One can find her hair between the pages of her books. In particular at the exciting sections of the Nancy drew books that both sisters love to read and the younger sister Francis practically has to steal from her older sister and read it night with flashlight because her older sister is not a sharer is not generous. In that way. In fact that is the subject of this book. What will get these children to share? How will they share their inner worlds with one another now? You're a poet and people are used to poets being. What would you say profound and matic difficult? And you've written a hoke entirely in poetry and for children for children to understand directly. What was that like? It was incredibly fun because so much of Howard is about really sometimes difficult metaphor which is really a leap. A metaphor is is a big jump. Even similarities are a jump And so I think that writing children's was just another challenged or writing to children or for children and really thinking about the things that they can understand and then trying to figure out how to write them and challenge them in images stick poetic literary ways emotional ways philosophical ways but yet still make it easy enough and legible enough so that they can have a really good experience and not be too stuck and so finding that balance was really hard but I. I really thought it was a fun experience for me because I had never written a verse novel before and Written For Children in this age group and so the challenge was what appealed to me move. The book is dedicated to my human children tenny and Winnie and to my wiener dog children mustard and catch up and you Tell in this dedication to all the bullied kids in the world. I see you to all the kids who suffer icy you and the important thing is to be seen. It's a rarity it's a very rich experience. Hell did your children respond to the book. They haven't read it and I know now they don't they don't really. I don't know I think that they just I hear them talk. Sometimes they talk to their friends and once in a while like just last night. I heard them heard one of them. Say Oh yes. She's she's an author she. She's a poet. She writes books so I think they talk about me but I'm not sure they know exactly what it is that that I do so I'll give you know my children. Copies of my books and sign them even and they. I know they don't read them and I'll ask them why sometimes and they say oh it's they they don't have a good explanation but they'll say oh. I think it'll be too sad or they try and say something that would make me feel better when in reality I just don't think they're interested I imagined that maybe reading them when I when I'm dead to be morbid like a it can be that they'll then they'll be more interested in kind of everything about my mind and how it works in how I saw the world in the same way that I miss I i. I'm curious about how my mother thought about things you know who Who passed in two thousand fifteen so I do think that that my hope is. I'll leave things for them and they can read them or not. You know when they're ready. I discovered your work recently. But it seems as if you've led many lives and in particular you seem to have been involved in hedge funds and stocks and the Business World Song. Oh Yeah I do have a an MBA from Stanford. And so I did get a business degree and I have an investment bank at a management consulting firm. I worked at lots of different places And Yeah I I. I was just sort of doing what other people were doing. If that makes sense I followed a group of people that I had met at Harvard where I was for graduate school and they just told me. Oh you should do this or do that so you know I was. I think more impressionable when I was younger in. Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you should do it So I think it's just sort of finding your own. Voice is the process in my life that I'm still finding trying to find and and now I'm more comfortable sort of figuring out what is exactly. Do you like to do versus. What can you do Where are you capable of and so I think that time of my life was more about just not knowing what I was really interested in or not really understanding that you could be a writer because my parents weren't born here so it's not like they knew there was such a thing you know and so? I didn't really know there is such a thing so took me a wild to to figure out that you could be a writer in some ways And use any ladders also have other jobs and things but they're still a possibility that one could lead a very rich creative inner worlds The writing and pushing it out word through books and things like that that I just really didn't know existed. You know we didn't have a lot of books in our house. They were books. There were like encyclopedias or Chinese books and Our Library to started to accumulate as children based on the books that we read not the books that my parents read because you know they spoke Chinese at home so those are all sorts of things that I had to figure out more. Maybe more gradually than someone who might have had a you know parents that were born in this

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