Taking the Headache out of IoT

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Today John by Allesandro Bassey Iot expert on central Europe area manager at things and also if that wasn't enough president of Iot Italy Asandra. Thank you very much for joining us on. Today's podcast time having meets right now I was onto you. Describe yourself as an IOT expert. We're going to drill in on that in a couple of minutes. We know that you're heavily. Invested in digital transformation industry four point. Oh big data iot amongst money things and you're also leading one of the biggest EU co-funded projects on I'll T- free excitedly haired. That comprises what we believe of nineteen core partners on hundreds of stakeholders now Alexandra. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Also this fantastic project working on the not feeling thousand Sam which makes like tortillas today and What we're looking at the beginning of the help the European Commission to draft the very first calls on it and to make fast We'll have forty European Parliament at being part of the extra group mocking two dozen. Ten right So I'm coming in from diverse backgrounds. The midnight I'm starting with technology. Aman they work with clouds and big data before recalling clouds the daytime so a long time ago unfortunately in the recent years with a focus is really more on how to implement some sort of Kogen strategy for companies to transform the business I mean towards connected objects and how pieces of disposal together I is not by itself doesn't make sense in it's big data in that division dancing a lot of stuff of men with really two eighty You project you're are talking about. It's not a One of the huge problems of teas that such a you know par- such a galaxy of different technologies. The approaches different style. Not even the definition I mean is is is a single of. I mean if you search from the Internet connection the appropriate. Probably like forty or fifty different definitions. I myself I get three of them in history and you know if are moving. I know that's not really correct. Some teaser. That's because really it's it's really complex. Mean what exactly is what exactly he

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