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We might have a reason to not love Tom Brady


We might have a reason to not love Tom Brady I'll give you that much more next your listing the group go Robert why wanted to go and now another phone traffic update from this a touch security traffic center Hillsborough County authorities are trying to clear an active along eastbound Dr king at orient road at last check the east bound left lane was blocked also be aware of the exit ramp is closed for maintenance heading from eastbound I. four hundred northbound U. S. three oh one and then it was a reminder that the exit ramp on southbound I. two seventy five on the Roosevelt in one hundred eighteenth Avenue north remain shut down for road work fortunately no major accidents are being reported on the federal side the big bridges check in trouble free but I would warnings are in effect crossing the sunshine skyway I'm Jim with waste traffic on one oh two five the both my account to show cares about our local hospitality workers

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