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The Day We Fought Over BitMoji - burst 49


More right here than in real life. The AVATAR Says No. That's not nice. That's nice okay. So this this was. This was the argument of the weekend. The avatar her avatars got no boobs. Lisa's got boobs anymore. It's open your mouth is open. I think it's a great avatar. Yes yes Ghandi so. I have a friend with very voluptuous boobs. And she once told me never refer to a woman's body parts and I can't believe I didn't think of this on my own as anything like wide huge giant. There are much nicer adjectives that you can use to describe shapely like voluptuous juicy scrumptious. Not Wide Frogging. That's terrible I Gargantuan away from I look whatever. Some people feel is a negative directly positives and we should celebrate them. Yes scary not gonNA please everybody. I tried to make a bit mode of myself a while back and as soon as I started putting it out there on social people started. You know you really should give yourself chubby cheeks. Because that's the and that's okay. It's funny to make fun of scenery to actually. I can myself fat or cheeks. So I'm like I want a true life depiction Scotty one of his wife. Oh my God. She looks exactly like herself. Amy I I just can't I don't know I've gave blinds my eyes in a big nose. I hope that work but I couldn't keep him more awful. I think I think we're expecting way too much out of these. These avatars emojis when we lewis lower our expectation level. There's this fun thumbs up our hearts in the eye that's it. That's all we of being on social media this

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