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Two six six eight we want to talk about a lot of things obviously a lot of relates to our president and what he's doing or not doing what he's ordering and whether he has the authority to do it clearly his he orders the governors to open place of worship everybody wants that there's no question about that but the fact of matter is the under the police powers of the constitution the governor's not the president has the authority to do things like that what does this represent a clear appeal to his evangelical base to see if because clearly they're going to be important for us is elections concern because got nothing to do with the opening the government open in this country countries being opening up anyway anyway we want to talk about that I want to talk about hydrochloric Quinn and the president taken that even though he says everybody says it's bad it can lead to heart originally yeah whatever that is can lead to strokes what's he doing what's his doctor doing to give enough to it to approve it and it just doesn't make sense also in talking with the because of the mate mayor Jack young telling the president not to come to fort McHenry on on the memorial day or tomorrow Memorial Day I think it's Memorial Day because we got shelter in place is still here you can't have more than ten people in a put together at any one point the other six feet apart all of that stuff what the heck is he coming not to mention the fact is going to cost the city of Baltimore fortune in terms of of security and whatever on top with the president has it we talk about all that stuff the first of all we're going to go to mark in Baltimore mark welcome to the show yes Sir good evening good evening happy whatever meaningful moral to salute I have some of the market and you always remind us of those things yes well the employees total this year especially on Monday okay anytime especially this money please say a prayer for the victims of the corona virus he won worldwide recognition solution absolutely no and also don't forget to always have the car racing in the food we don't have the Indy five hundred all the coke six hundred six hundred so may the best driver wins I mean hopefully next will be back to full racing form around the whole time we'll have we'll have next year we'll have racing and we may have been some fans in the stands file for next year so we'll see what happens the main reason I'm calling you probably heard in the news this week along with something else and there are plans to Israel thank you that is planning to officially annexed dealer if not all part of the west bank you know that the US is so government is already recognized the annexation of the Golan Heights Israel and you probably heard now that the the next step is for Israel to annex the west bank apartment I'm not sure if it's all part of it so I don't have all the details but we are very much in support of it records in October Jewish scriptures HM the man upstairs told Bob Mabena let's save a ham and all the way through okay it's a long book many thousands of years ago that the land belongs to us okay and therefore we're interested that is guaranteed to us humans so I'm sorry I know what you're saying mark mana you know I might not agree with with that with this were guaranteed guaranteed by home fire them herself I thought you know and therefore that is a very good news because we're very pleased with the way US is what we're dealing with Israel lately raids this land back this month will be two years may fourteenth at the US embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to the usual I am also the already and recognize the sentiment the right to do settlements beyond the Green Line as it's commonly called by some people it is the mayor and annexation of the Golan Heights so I'm going to send mark what about the fact that every government other than the U. S. is opposed to the annexation the U. N. as opposed to it every one of the other western countries as opposed to it including Great Britain I believe so yes what is the rationale that did that the Palestinians also have a right to that land I understand that the policy is throughout the country believe it or not it's what which believe in it is in the west bank is part of what is there to find as their country not out west bank no the policies of the country code Jordan well at least sixty percent of the Palestinians living I understand that but that but but all of that but I I don't get into this kind of discussion because I clearly know listen you to but I've been to Israel event of the put to Palestine and in every major country is is opposed to it with the exception of the of of the U. S. everybody is so how do you explain that well I can't explain I can't speak to the other countries here because it is well aware of both of their addresses on the example Guatemala or I believe it is not willing to move their embassies in Tel Aviv Jerusalem line is because of the only countries where all the embassies except for two or three or whatever I'm not even if the coverage you would usually expect in other countries lives simply to be a problem I can't remember the encounter someone with you well I'm I'm missing with it but but on the on the issue of annexation because when I've been there this is a part of the annexation as I understand it is not only the settlements but it's also the Jordan River valley which basically is the with the water supply for all of the west bank that's right well is always basically that means that that the Palestinians have no basically no source of water well I don't I did not I'm not saying well I'm not sure exactly although I do control the you know I would have to have did you end up with the Jewish after videos of water in irrigation and environmental permit with that organization the point is no we're not trying to keep out people you know the non Jewish hit areas but the point is there would be you say for better or for worse it is for our security settlement and as for everything else okay the rabbis and all have the mandate for the city of filaments with water all that I'm not the only one on the list is well it's it's a debate we're gonna have to have this because clearly a there's there's there's there's two sides to this thing and that and me having been there and and I listen to both sides I was at something one time with with the Palestinians and at a dinner and I asked them to tell me what the Israelis arguments were and they and they were they were very clear the kind of argument that you're making and I understand that but again the the the one that that as I looked at it what and I I'm not Jewish I don't claim to have any knowledge whether things I wondered about is one part of what that was being annex is not only the solicitor there but also the Jordan River valley which is a source of water for the whole area at a park what's a number what it is with both of us need to spend more time looking into what's going on but I I I still wonder why if if it is such so clear why all the other countries of the world every birch I say I'd missionaries were like all with the mask vast majority of the major a world club leading countries the big countries western countries as well as as as others say that they're opposed to the set extension we need to talk more about it another night mark but let's I understand okay well anyway I hope you have a media observer because Monday and was ordered owners of that solution and think about that our our our fallen heroes and also the the the first responders because there thank you their modern world here heroes are have a good have a good month Memorial Day weekend okay switching subject we're going to go to T. W. who's been waiting a long time to talk to them from waiting from the from Pat McDonagh show first of all I like you thank you for taking my call and you've got a great engineer and always great I mean yes there's only one problem he's he's he's real bossy he he he controls my life just like you control public bono even if that's the case with the Democrats they will give him every okay I like to say first of all to all the servicemen and others like myself who are currently not myself in the National Guard as you know our doctor when we're in the service for ninety days we are qualified and we are vested in veterans benefits no I didn't know that Mr trump as a whole has told his people to disband anybody in the National Guard who's been there the last one day last eighty nine days to dismissed them and there's a few in Congress to get in to do the stoppage he wants to do this so that the current people in a National Guard who haven't been in there for ninety days won't get VA benefits and he's got a standing order that anybody who has to go into the National Guard has any merit see anything who in there to stop them from going up from completing their ninety day mission okay now I'm not sure I'm not sure to the tune of investors I mean if if someone joins the National Guard today and he and they are in in the National Guard for let's say a hundred days okay they are entitled to benefits as long as they go over ninety days okay all right and and he's not changing that is that correct now but anybody who he has seen who have to be inducted for somebody who has who who's in an act of god who hasn't served for ninety days won't get the benefit okay now that means that means they leave the National Guard after ninety before ninety days or he'll he'll okay how do you think you'll descend role yeah okay I don't know it with the with the word is I just interesting where like to bring up two people my people put in the the move to put Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill was already settled when Donald Trump was inaugurated he stopped at a very winnable like that on the bill another point I'd like to bring up to in reference to the situation which you're going to talk about later with Mr Biden comes amid many of things he said sometimes are misconstrued some black people yeah yeah but at the same time if you want to list things that a person and the attitude that it brings out we'd be here all night with Mr trump when someone mentioned on a prior program the attitude all of Mr young anybody who tells you to inject money and lifestyle and he happened to be the leader of the country I guess that's the epitome of dumb okay all missed the cut off is going to court two to four make can be to do something in reference to Memorial Day but he doesn't really doesn't really serve the army well when he tried to do this thing with the National Guard at another point I like to bring up many of us remember several years ago when this train carrying liquid natural glass blew up in Canada gives about fifty thousand people we had a laundry about ministration he passed a rule saying that you cannot transport liquid natural gas except extreme protective measures be users yes hello through heated area well Mr trump got rid of that rule and he's being sued by Maryland and about sixteen others yeah and another thing okay real quickly thank you really the voting of this country he will not get fifth ten fifteen percent made most of the black vote for him most of my people over him they have a degree of self hatred that is unbelievable when you think about what he's done and what he feels about how my sisters and me I've gone from a computer network of the three fifty fifty and with visa card the football players and stuff like that and when at first when he first got elected I got the court paperwork about him being sued for racial discrimination twice yep now getting people like myself who went to his apartment yeah okay things yeah I know a T. H. E. W. we gotta take a break but the that wit I think there's there's a lot of discussions are gonna have about the trump and Biden and when we get close to the election and a lot of stuff and you know that the issue of the that the the what would Biden said is I think is somewhat misconstrued but but the fact is that I saw in the paper today lost journal today that in in two thousand sixteen four percent of the of the African Americans voted for trump now the hot that numbers like like eleven percent is predicted or something like that which is incredibly high quite frankly my judgment given the way he's treated the African American community anyway we'll take a break we got to make some money Tom Moore show the gonna come back to questions member number four when no nine two two six six Saito we'll be back in about it are you living in pain suffering from.

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President discussed on Tom Moore

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