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`Recipe edition, Massimo Bottura


Famous shifts. I M Massimo Dura. I am the chef of Austria Francis Ghana in Heart of Modena Their Food Valley. My recipe today is this. It's pistol I always look at my past in a critic way and not in a nostalgic way and I always thought the pistol was too heavy and too oiling so once I was the referee Milano. I add the necessity to create a pistol because the people they want pasta. They love Pasta and So I created a very special best just following my mental pilot. I didn't have enough basil so I mixed with different herbs like time and mint was summer so the men gave some freshness to the basin. Basil meant and time together. Then I a classic grated Parmesan Journal some Extra Virgin Olive oil. A little little touch of garlic at this point. You need peanuts. But we didn't have any pilots and the pints a lot of money. So what I use. I had this idea to put some breadcrumbs so what I did. I got the job that was like three days. Old and graded I put everything into blender adding a little bit

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