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There you go little tower corona packs thirty the big songs you love


Week from the APA Taurus from New York was arrested for allegedly violating Hawaii's traveler quarantine every post on Instagram photos of himself sunbathing and carrying a surfboard state officials say why your forties have been cracking down on travelers to defy a mandatory fourteen day quarantine for people arriving on the islands of will put in place to curb the spread of the corona virus as of Friday the wire reported one new case of covert nineteen bringing the statewide total to two six hundred thirty eight cases and seventeen deaths some tourists have been arrested for defying the quarantine this guy probably saved his money up goes is ask the Hawaii to surf enjoy the beach goes to Hawaii goes to the beach posts on Instagram that he's at the beach and gets arrested because he went to the beach in Hawaii the beaches which are everywhere in Hawaii

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There you go little tower corona packs thirty the big songs you love

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